Is Online Learning For You?

Taking an online course requires you to have an open mind about technology and an acceptance of online coursework as a viable option for learning. The goal of Eager-to-Learn is to ensure the success of all students. By following the guidelines below you can be a successful student online!

Are You Ready to Be an Online Learner?

Answer yes or no
  1. Does your computer have a fast and reliable Internet connection?

  2. Are you comfortable using the Internet?

  3. Do you write and send e-mails?

  4. Do you know how to send, receive, and open e-mail attachments?

  5. Do you have strong reading comprehension skills?

  6. Do you express yourself clearly through writing?

  7. Do you understand material best when it is presented visually (that is, using pictures, written words, charts, graphs)?

  8. Are you organized?

  9. Are you highly motivated?

  10. Do you manage your time well?

  11. Are you able to work alone without face-to-face interaction with others?

  12. Do you have enough time to commit to studying each day?

  13. Do you have an environment in which you can study undisturbed?

  14. Will your family and friends be supportive of your need for time to study?

If you answered mostly “yes,” then taking an online course might be right for you.

If you answered mostly “no,” then online learning might not be your best option. You may have more success in a traditional classroom setting.


Begin your online learning experience with the knowledge that you are using an excellent educational model. You will then be well on your way to success!



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