About Our Courses

Eager-to-Learn courses are designed into a multi-week, standard class format, utilizing message board discussions and weekly live chat discussions. Message board discussions take place over several days, and student postings are done independently (at times that are convenient for you), but must be completed prior to the weekly chat. Live chat discussions are scheduled for one evening during the week, typically for 45 minutes. You must login at this set time in order to participate in the discussion. Each week of the class will cover a lesson that includes the following assignments:

  • Selected readings that expand on and enhance the lesson
  • Message board questions that allow you to respond to your instructor and other students in the course.
  • Live chat discussions facilitated by your instructor
  • A wrap up email reflection—this is your opportunity to email your instructor with your thoughts on what you learned in the weekly lesson.
  • For support Eager-to-Learn has a Technology Specialist on staff and a program coordinator will be overseeing the program and available to support trainers and students.