Anytime Learning Courses

Self-Paced Online Courses to Fit Your Schedule 

Anytime Learning (ATL) courses are self-paced, online courses designed to give students the flexibility to learn on their own time and at their own speed. Students follow interactive presentations with learning checkpoints and quizzes throughout the course to help students stay engaged and reinforce the information.


Anytime Learning courses include a variety of learning tools:

  • Narrated presentations
  • Selected readings, videos, and media resources to enhance learning
  • Relevant course activities
  • Learning checkpoints and quizzes covering course content


  • Registration requires a Develop account. Students who do not have a Develop account can create one at For assistance with Develop accounts, such as login information and profile updates, contact the Develop helpdesk directly at or 833-605-6983.
  • Registration and payment must be completed online through Develop’s secure website. Students who register for a course listed on the Eager-to-Learn website will be routed to Develop to complete registration.
  • Payment must be made using a credit or debit card. Students are not registered for a course until payment is received in full.
  • Registration for Anytime Learning self-paced courses is available on a quarterly basis, year-round. Registration closes two weeks prior to the end of the quarter. Students must complete an Anytime Learning course during the same quarter in which they registered. If a student does not complete their Anytime Learning course by the end of the quarter, they will need to re-register and pay for the course during the new quarter in order to complete it.


Quarterly Registration Periods


Anytime Learning Quarter Registration Opens Registration Closes Deadline to Complete
Spring 3/16 6/15 6/30
Summer 6/16 9/15 9/30
Fall 9/16 12/15 12/31
Winter 12/16 3/15 3/31



  • Refunds will NOT be provided for Anytime Learning course registrations.
  • Develop Learning Records will serve as proof of course completion. When students are ready to send their licensor training documentation, they can access their Develop Learning Record at
  • All attendance will be entered in Develop within 3 business days following the completion of the final assignment.
  • Students must complete required coursework before the end of a course in order to have their attendance confirmed in Develop. Detailed information on coursework deadlines is available in your classroom.
  • An Eager-to-Learn Student Policy and Procedure guide is available for review under “Course Documents” in every classroom. Students are expected to review and abide by all policies and expectations included in the Student Policy and Procedures.
Type of Course In-Service Hours Earned Total Cost
Anytime Learning Module 2 hours* $20.00**


* Total in-service hours earned may vary for Anytime Learning modules depending on requirements set by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

** Some Anytime Learning module rates may be reduced due to supplemental funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.