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{Ellingson, Dana}07:57:16 pmHello Sharon.
{Ellingson, Dana}07:57:20 pmHello Kailyne.
Nelson, Kailyne07:57:27 pmHello!
{Ellingson, Dana}07:57:56 pmSO glad to have you joining us tonight Kailyne.
{Ellingson, Dana}07:58:04 pmSharon, how have you been this past week?
Nelson, Kailyne07:58:10 pmYes thanks for letting me make up last week
{Ellingson, Dana}07:58:25 pmYes, thank you for reaching out right away and early even.
Nelson, Kailyne07:58:35 pmAbsolutely
tackmann, sharon07:59:01 pmGood evening
{Ellingson, Dana}07:59:08 pmI went over a few housekeeping things last week and I will review quickly. I believe it will just us three, possibly one more.
tackmann, sharon07:59:32 pmBusy busy again
{Ellingson, Dana}07:59:40 pmI will use the * as a prompt for everyone. You can respond with a * once you are ready. I will prompt you with the questions that were found in the syllabus. Many find it easier to have these answers ready or thought through before the chat begins. If things move fast tonight, remember, you can always go back to the chat as it will be saved in the course homepage on ETL.
tackmann, sharon08:00:04 pm👍
Nelson, Kailyne08:00:12 pm👍
{Ellingson, Dana}08:00:35 pmGreat job this week, remember to post to 3 others(2 your case if only 2 post) after your initial post. If you have not done this already this week, please do this after our chat tonight.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:00:44 pmYou two have done this already I believe.
Nelson, Kailyne08:01:05 pmYep I got it done
{Ellingson, Dana}08:01:16 pmOur Objectives this week… • Identify MN Rule 2 Licensing Standards and best practices around indoor and outdoor supervision; discuss where there are differences • Examine and address environmental supervision challenges experienced in family child care program • Identify three ways to be proactive in the environment
{Ellingson, Dana}08:01:29 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:01:42 pm*
Nelson, Kailyne08:01:54 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:02:01 pmWhat are some of the hazardous materials that may be in your home, and steps that you will take to ensure children do not have access to these hazards?
Nelson, Kailyne08:02:39 pmCleaning supplies is a hazard for us. We have them locked in a cabinet so the kids don’t have access
tackmann, sharon08:03:39 pmI researched some hazardous plans and found I may have one in my home so I removed it. We always check and double check out locked cupboards so no one has access to them.
tackmann, sharon08:03:52 pm*plants
{Ellingson, Dana}08:04:06 pmYes, cleaning supplies and other supplies that we may not think about as hazardous some times, like plants!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:04:54 pmThat is great that you did the research Sharon. Can you imagine if an accident happen in relation to a plant that you had as a benefit to those in the home originally 🙁 such a bummer.... i hope it found a good home 🙂 ?
tackmann, sharon08:05:34 pmIt never really amounted to anything so I threw it. Ha
{Ellingson, Dana}08:05:53 pmI know I always think about the materials that my family might leave out, forgetting that I cannot have them accessible during child care. Anyone else have that issue?
{Ellingson, Dana}08:06:02 pmHa! Sharon... too funny.
tackmann, sharon08:06:47 pmYes I found some Gorilla glue just this morning sitting on my kitchen table.
Nelson, Kailyne08:07:00 pmI try to always do a walk through every morning so I don’t run into this issue!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:07:10 pmSounds like something my spouse would leave out.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:07:13 pm*
Nelson, Kailyne08:07:19 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:07:28 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:07:30 pm• Daily safety checks, both indoors and outdoors, are recommended to ensure safe environments for children. It may take time to complete these checks. What strategies can you use to ensure daily safety checks are completed without taking time away from interacting with children?
tackmann, sharon08:08:25 pmI do this before children arrive on the AM.
Nelson, Kailyne08:08:59 pmI try and do outside checks/pick up toys outside after kids leave if we are outside and I go through in the morning and do inside..I usually wake up earlier to have some alone time in the morning
{Ellingson, Dana}08:09:28 pmThese are both great strategies and times to do so.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:09:43 pmFor more playground safety tips…
{Ellingson, Dana}08:09:52 pm
{Ellingson, Dana}08:10:07 pmThis is found in this weeks content as well.. so you can reference it there too
{Ellingson, Dana}08:10:18 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:10:25 pmOh I keep forgetting about that site. Thanks for the reminder
Nelson, Kailyne08:10:27 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:10:30 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:10:37 pmHow will you teach children about vehicle safety? How can you communicate the importance of vehicle safety to parents?
Nelson, Kailyne08:11:42 pmWe try and do a vehicle safety section In our curriculum which we go over
tackmann, sharon08:12:14 pmWe use cones at the end if the driveway. No one goes past the cones snd I must say they are very good about it. We have tattletales. We use time on our wall to reinforce the importance of vehicle safety too
{Ellingson, Dana}08:12:36 pmThat is great, how to extend that information to the parents and guardians Kailyne?
{Ellingson, Dana}08:13:08 pmSharon, share as well how you communicate to the families?
Nelson, Kailyne08:13:30 pmI give them set rules where to park to turn the vehicle off to watch for children etc
{Ellingson, Dana}08:15:45 pmA few reminders from this weeks content,... “In order to provide appropriate supervision, children should always be within sight and hearing of a caregiver. Best practice would also include caregivers teaching children the rules and limits of safety before exiting a vehicle, securing younger children in a stroller, and having older children walk with partners or hold on to a rope together.”
{Ellingson, Dana}08:16:46 pmAlso, a reminder to check in with families shortly after their designated times or windows of time that they usually arrive, if they do not indeed arrive.... any thoughts on why?
tackmann, sharon08:17:17 pmEveryone holds onto part of the stroller when we walk. It gives me an ability to watch everyone and make sure they are safe. We don’t transport any children
Nelson, Kailyne08:17:29 pmTo make sure they weren’t left in the car
{Ellingson, Dana}08:17:40 pmThis weeks content goes into the stats surrounding children that are left in vehicles (most always on accident).... Heatstroke in vehicles is the leading cause of all non-crash-related fatalities involving children 14 and younger.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:18:15 pmYou can help support families in so many extra ways, more than we think of sometimes.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:18:29 pm
{Ellingson, Dana}08:19:01 pmCheck that out too in the course resources... it is a pledge to look before you lock... might be nice to share with families as a reminder.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:19:05 pm*
Nelson, Kailyne08:19:18 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:19:36 pmYes I wiz’s going to print out lots of info from this class for my parents
tackmann, sharon08:19:41 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:19:42 pmWhen it comes to environment safety, what areas do you feel confident with, and what areas are challenging? How will you overcome those challenges?
Nelson, Kailyne08:20:58 pmI do feel challenged while trying to cook dinner while infants are crawling/walking around my legs. I try and contain them in a gated area with lots of toys
tackmann, sharon08:21:14 pmWe have a veggie garden and several flower gardens. I’ve learyyo put fences up around all of them so we don’t get into any garden. I also have a garage that can be a hiding spot behind it.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:22:23 pmYes, Kailyne. I have a friend that just had to pull their child from a program where the provider fell onto the child in the kitchen while cooking. The child ended up bruised on the face.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:22:41 pmI understand that is a struggle. I wonder if you have thought of ways around it?
{Ellingson, Dana}08:23:07 pmThank you for sharing Sharon. What do you do for that?
Nelson, Kailyne08:23:27 pmOh that is terrible
tackmann, sharon08:23:48 pmI’m vigilant about watching the garage area. I usually stand or sit right there.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:24:05 pm*
tackmann, sharon08:24:12 pm*
Nelson, Kailyne08:24:15 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:25:06 pmWhat are some things that were new to you or questions you have about environmental safety?
Nelson, Kailyne08:26:00 pmThe plants thing was something I hadn’t ever taken into consideration. I don’t have any in my house but we do live in the country so I am now on the lookout
tackmann, sharon08:26:15 pmIn the activity for the reflection paper I realized how dangerous things can be at a child’s eye level.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:27:19 pmThank you for sharing!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:28:03 pmThat is all for tonight! Fast with so few of us.
tackmann, sharon08:28:27 pmThanks and good night.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:28:29 pmYou can log off. Look for an email from me!
Nelson, Kailyne08:28:46 pmThank you