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{Ellingson, Dana}07:53:44 pmHello! How are you all doing? feeling?
Dahl, Ashlynn07:55:07 pmHello! Doing good, a little nervous, my lead teacher leaves tomorrow for a week to Hawaii, leaving me in charge. I know I'll be fine but the few weeks before Christmas the kids are really amped up so Its a little overwhelming
{Ellingson, Dana}07:55:48 pmWow Ashlynn, a fun and challenging time!
Dupont, Teresa07:56:08 pmstressed out, with the full moon the kids have been off the walls ( as well as teachers ). we also have our Christmas program tomorrow and the stress levels are alwasy really high at this time
{Ellingson, Dana}07:56:55 pmYes, Teresa. This time of year can really be chaotic.
Poser, Chelsea07:57:30 pmIm alright. I agree with ashlynn that this season is pretty stressful. And my kiddos gave me the lovely gift of a cough haha
{Ellingson, Dana}07:57:46 pm I am under the weather. My family has been sick since before thanksgiving and my husband will just be returning to work tomorrow. In time for me to be bed bound 🙁
Dahl, Ashlynn07:58:20 pmone of my kids just tested postive for influenza a and I have two kids out with rsv, I
Dahl, Ashlynn07:58:27 pmim just praying it doesn't hit me
Dupont, Teresa07:58:13 pmthe holidays in our center are chaotic we almost always run very high through out the whole month of december
{Ellingson, Dana}07:58:37 pmYes, my husband and kiddos had Influenza A so I am assuming that is what I have now.
Dahl, Ashlynn07:59:27 pmdana, on the bright side, you get a nice large bed to yourself
{Ellingson, Dana}07:59:18 pmI usually get sicks right when my break starts so perhaps that is the silver lining that I will a healthy holiday break here ina few weeks.
{Ellingson, Dana}07:59:33 pmAshlynn, yes!
{Ellingson, Dana}07:59:43 pmI want to let everyone know that I notified the Eager To Learn team that I could not complete all responses to you all as the system was not cooperating. It sounds as though facilitators (me) and learners (you), are on 2 different servers. However, I am curious if anyone else is having a struggle with a slow system when you are trying to submit your responses and replies on the DB's?
Sabrowsky, Sarah07:59:47 pmHello here, not feeling the greatest but I am here.
Dahl, Ashlynn08:00:26 pmNo issues on my end, just slow wifi lol
Bachler, Allie08:00:21 pmgood evening everyone!
Johnson, Uilani08:00:57 pmHey, still fighting off sicknesses in my household looks like everyone else is in the same boat
Poser, Chelsea08:01:26 pmMine will kick me out when i submit a comment to the db so i have to copy paste and usually submit it again or sometimes 3 times
{Ellingson, Dana}08:01:43 pmUghhh, sorry to hear that Chelsea.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:01:57 pmchelsea I have the same issue
{Ellingson, Dana}08:02:20 pmOk, if the system is giving you a big struggle and you cannot wait, please take images of the posts, then create your responses and email them to me instead. However, if it is not bad and you can deal, stick with the system.
Johnson, Uilani08:02:29 pmEvery. Now and then the website shows an error so then i have to log back in. Last week the chat was odd where i kept having to refresh
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:03:01 pmI figured it was just my internet but maybe not
{Ellingson, Dana}08:03:51 pmI tried 3 times (days) this past week and was waiting 3-5 minutes for it to post and then sometimes, it would not move forward. SO- this coming weekend, I MAY end up emailing you if they do not make an adjustment to the system, so look for that by Monday. Again, if it is all good, you will see a response on the system.
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Dahl, Ashlynn08:05:00 pm*
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{Ellingson, Dana}08:05:03 pmHow much do we use the curriculum in the way it was designed to be used?
Dupont, Teresa08:05:26 pmI always like to play around with the curriculum and make it more fun for my kids. Things being more fun based actually help the kids out and they wanna learn more. I also will go one by one with students to figure out what works best for them
Ellwood, Shelbie08:05:27 pmI think it depends on who is using the curriculum. There can be people who consistently follow their curriculum down to the tiniest detail, and then there are people who use it as a reference for coming up with ideas for new lessons and activities.
Bachler, Allie08:05:31 pmI think when I first started working in daycare it was harder to understand the importance of using curriculum the way it was designed to be used but now that I have been learning more about everything that goes into curriculum and it’s importance, I have tried using it more and more.
Johnson, Uilani08:05:39 pmWhen I think about curriculum my mindset still thinks “lesson plans.” I currently don’t use a curriculum that was designed for my center, up until a few weeks ago I thought my lesson plans were the curriculum. I haven’t been out of work because of sickness lately but today I had asked my supervisor about what curriculum we use, we use high scope so my next steps is to review what high scope is about and make sure my lessons line up with the curriculum with modifications as needed.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:06:42 pm1 I can’t speak for others but I use the curriculum or strive to use it in the way it was designed for daily I will say I do modiify as I see fit for each lesson plan per the kids that are present that day some cant cut or some need hand over hand etc. I try to follow it but tailor it as needed.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:07:06 pmThis is a big step Uilani. Many belive that the lesson plans are what makes up the curriculum and it is only a part of it.
Dupont, Teresa08:07:26 pmi agree shelbie it all really comes down to the classroom and how the lead teacher wants to run their room
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:07:55 pmIt is interesting to read posts from Teachers in centers as I am home provider
Johnson, Uilani08:08:11 pmShelbie, you make a good point on how it depends on each individual and. The extent in which we use our curriculums
{Ellingson, Dana}08:09:27 pmAshlynn or Chelsea?
Poser, Chelsea08:09:34 pmI personally think curriculum is a lot like how you learn music. Youve gotta know the rules first and then you can cater the rules to fit what you need from them
Bachler, Allie08:09:53 pmThat
Bachler, Allie08:10:10 pmthats a good analogy chelsea, i like that way of thinking because i love music!
Johnson, Uilani08:10:19 pmSarah i love seeing your family care perspective!! I find it so helpful. You use a pre made curriculum right?
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:10:24 pm Uilani it sure is nice that we have the ability to adjust as we see fit.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:10:36 pmYes I do use premad cirriculm
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:10:42 pmOften times need to modify
{Ellingson, Dana}08:11:14 pmThat is another way to think of it and different than my own perspective. I like to think of curriculum free of rules and that the children ARE the curriculum. (which are the words and ideas of Bev Bos)
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:11:38 pmDana what is your favorit curiculum
Poser, Chelsea08:12:03 pmI was going to be a musician before i discovered child care as my calling
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:12:18 pmChelsea do you do alot of music with your crew ?
{Ellingson, Dana}08:12:28 pmSarah, my favorite is Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care (and center but without the mighty minutes). It is more about the relationships with children and fmailies and the theory of HOW we with chidlren versus WHAT we do.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:12:56 pmI love the way you worded that Dana.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:13:37 pmWith a curriculum being the environement, the interactions and the materials, the children bring the curriculum to the surface each day. The premade activities or just that, activities.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:14:12 pmNot all children will be interested and therfore, not take in the information as well as if they had led the learning.
Poser, Chelsea08:14:30 pmSarah. We do a lot of music and instrument play and songs for transitions. Absolutely!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:14:37 pmAll great points. I too, see that it depends on the needs/interest of the children and how flexible the curriculum is. To be candid, I have coached many programs where the teachers cannot even identify the name of the curriculum that the program has identified as using and therefore, is not actually using the curriculum as intended for such reasons.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:14:55 pmDana I have a few kiddos who wont participate but they repeat so much of it to there parents. so I know they are obtaining the information so interesteing to watch
{Ellingson, Dana}08:15:29 pmYes Sarah, many children are engaged in other materials or watch and still walk away with information provided.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:15:29 pmthe ones who choose not participate are constantly on the move and busy bodies is how I would say that
{Ellingson, Dana}08:15:33 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:15:37 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:15:35 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:15:37 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:15:37 pm*
Poser, Chelsea08:15:47 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:16:02 pmSarah, another way to word that, for me, is that the child is seeking physical big body play often 🙂
Johnson, Uilani08:16:11 pmDana, that’s me at my center. I feel like a big part of that is the. Lack of communication from the bosses and lack of training.
Johnson, Uilani08:16:13 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:16:28 pmHow consistent or intentional are you as you use curriculum in everyday work with young children?
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:16:33 pm1 I am always intentional about use of curriculum daily regardless of how many kids are present in my care. It can vary anywhere from 1 to 10 kids on any given day. I strongly believe in routine and structure and so we follow it daily it keeps the kids in a routine and they know what to expect at any given time
{Ellingson, Dana}08:16:38 pmYes, Uilani!
Bachler, Allie08:16:39 pmI use the curriculum that my coworkers and I prepare every day as at least a baseline of what I am going to do for the day and make sure it is somewhere everyone can see so it is known what is going to be happening for the week or day. On top of having it accessible, every Monday we meet with each other to make sure we are all on the same page.
Dupont, Teresa08:16:42 pmWe try to take at minimum a little bit each day, I don't like to overwhelm the kids And throw everything at them at once
Dahl, Ashlynn08:16:57 pmI think that I try to be very intentional when lesson planning for my kiddos. Even though I don’t do much lesson planning, when I do I try my best that I am ensuring everything I can do for them and also that they are getting the full curriculum that they should be getting at that certain age.
Ellwood, Shelbie08:17:08 pmI try to be as consistent and deliberate as I can be when it comes to the curriculum. I like to use it as something I can fall back on when trying to come up with new ideas for lessons and activities making sure to be in tune with our curriculum.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:17:24 pmGreat Teresa, they are all each working hard already in thier own discoveries without our pre-determined ideas and plans too!
Johnson, Uilani08:17:43 pm I am intentional in what I teach to my children and try to be consistent with some flexibility. Prior to today I would say that the curriculum aspect was still missing, however everything I do revolves around ECIPs so I know I wasn’t completely wrong. Now that I know what my program should be using I can be consistent and intentional in lining everything up to the curriculum. I may have been lining them up without knowing but as I said I’ll have to dig into everything.
Dupont, Teresa08:18:04 pmi like to watch the kids to pick up on details of things i like to incoorporate in some lessons
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:18:09 pmdid my answer post ? it told me error ?
{Ellingson, Dana}08:18:17 pmYes Ashlynn, that is were observation is key. Knowing what each child needs in implementing activities or materials that suppor the need.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:18:15 pmI dont see it on the board
{Ellingson, Dana}08:18:35 pmYes Sarah- "1 I am always intentional about use of curriculum daily regardless of how many kids are present in my care. It can vary anywhere from 1 to 10 kids on any given day. I strongly believe in routine and structure and so we follow it daily it keeps the kids in a routine and they know what to expect at any given time"
Poser, Chelsea08:19:04 pmI practice purposeful teaching in all that I say to or ask the children and when planning i factor in how i think each child iny room will react to this activity and add in adjustments to try my best to engage everyone
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:19:56 pmChelsea I like how you mention Purposeful
{Ellingson, Dana}08:20:04 pmChelsea, another word for purposeful is intentional. Great strategy to meet ALL needs.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:21:08 pmWe all should be intentional when guiding our littles in learning.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:21:20 pmTeresa, your responds has me thinking of the inential teaching cycle where we observe, reflect, teach(offer materials and concepts), observe, reflect, and so on.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:21:31 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:21:33 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:21:40 pm*
Johnson, Uilani08:21:52 pmSarah, i find it interesting that you continue on a lesson regardless of how many kids you have. Normally I’m the same with the exception of bad weather days and late starts to school. Since most of my kids go based off the schools schedule and winter being bad some days. If i only have 2 kids in my class i typically wait and find something different to do. Snow days throws everything off
Poser, Chelsea08:21:52 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:21:53 pm*
Johnson, Uilani08:21:54 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:21:55 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:22:25 pmUilani I enoy the smaller class days that way i can do more 1:1 times and the kids love it!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:22:49 pmHow do I supplement (add in) components that may not be required but are recommended?
Dupont, Teresa08:23:05 pmNow that I'm realizing it a good majority of the time I go by the seat of my pants. When I get a new kid in my classroom I like to really get to know them so I am able to change whatever I need to for them to learn something new in a way they will understand
Ellwood, Shelbie08:23:06 pmYou can add them into your teaching styles, the work materials, and activities/lessons.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:23:07 pm2 I supplement things by possible grabbing a book form the library maybe printing another worksheet off the interne that could be feasible for lesson at hand.
Dahl, Ashlynn08:23:27 pmI think that transition areas are always a good area to add your own twist on things. I like to get other ideas from other teachers or pinterest is always my downfall too. I am always getting knew ideas and I want to bring them into my classroom but carefully making sure that it fits into my curriculum
Bachler, Allie08:23:22 pmI try to add in components that are recommended when it makes sense for my weekly curriculum and when I think it might get the kids more engaged. There are also a lot of recommendations that are important for kids to learn even if they are not required.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:24:13 pmYes, Teresa. In order for the child to access the pre-frontal cortex and be able to retain information, they need to have safe/secure connection anyhow.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:25:27 pmAllie, engagement is the key to retaining!
Johnson, Uilani08:25:33 pmI somehow skipped this but i add-in different things to play areas that aren’t required per say but make the areas more enjoyable. So for building i may have legos and pair it up with some farm animals and a few tractors to enhance the play area and combine domains
{Ellingson, Dana}08:27:00 pmChelsea, any thoughts on how you supplement components?
Poser, Chelsea08:27:21 pmEvery part of my schedule has suppliments in there for my neurodivergent kiddos. Some want to do art in a bean bag chair and others need to do the art in spurts of time, for example
{Ellingson, Dana}08:27:47 pmChelsea, ...Love!
{Ellingson, Dana}08:27:50 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:27:51 pm*
Poser, Chelsea08:27:54 pm*
Dahl, Ashlynn08:28:09 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:27:57 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:27:56 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:28:02 pm*
Johnson, Uilani08:28:03 pmTeresa, i feel like i wing it in a semi knowledgeable way. I make adjustments to things as i observe the classroom
Johnson, Uilani08:28:04 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:28:09 pmWhy is planning important even after you have selected a curriculum?
Bachler, Allie08:28:12 pmPlanning is important because having the ideas is the first step. As a teacher you need to put in the time to prepare for activities before it is time to do the activity because if you don’t the kids will be waiting for you to prepare it and it can cause the room to lose focus and the kids could become restless.
Dahl, Ashlynn08:28:31 pmI think that planning is so important when planning your curriculum because even though you think you know your classroom, they always seem to surprise you. Some of the kids might be able to complete the things that you have planned with no problems but there might also be some kids that have a hard time understanding and completing the projects so you will have to plan different ways that they could complete it or understand it.
Dupont, Teresa08:28:18 pm-because you don't wanna lose a track of your mind on what you need to cover. Also with changing it to fit each kid you need to sit down and think about how to approach it
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:28:18 pm1 planning is always important. When we plan we can preplan for those who need extra help or we can accommodate modifications needed for children possible before class starts. It is a time saving tactic and also a time management tool I use. Daily
Ellwood, Shelbie08:28:30 pmI think that planning is important because it can help to keep you organized and reduce stress.
Johnson, Uilani08:28:52 pmPlanning is important to ensure that I am covering different ECIP domains and that it is engaging for students. Planning is also important when it comes to time management and staying on track with goals and development.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:29:58 pmShelbie and when we are stress free kids are stress free and the day goes so much smoother
Ellwood, Shelbie08:30:23 pmexactly Sarah
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:30:34 pmShelbie what age do you work with?
Johnson, Uilani08:31:12 pmShelbie, yes it helps to stay organized and not as stressful. I still feel like a mess of stress but when i have things prepped and planned a month or two in advance i feel like i can somewhat relax. When i prep that far in advance i feel so accomplished and gives me wiggle room for those hard weeks
Ellwood, Shelbie08:31:12 pmlate 2's to early 5's
{Ellingson, Dana}08:31:35 pm*
Johnson, Uilani08:31:39 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:31:40 pm*
Dahl, Ashlynn08:32:02 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:31:49 pm*
Poser, Chelsea08:31:51 pmBecause curriculum is a broad blanket area for my 14 special individuals that arent robots and will all see the day in different ways and i want them to enjoy it all and know that i am there for them all through every second of it. The teacher in my room before me had the same lesson plan for every day for 10 years. I dont agree with that way of doing
Poser, Chelsea08:31:57 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:32:07 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:32:21 pmChelsea, many would disagree with that practice 🙂
{Ellingson, Dana}08:32:29 pmHas the way you use a new curriculum changed over time? Why or why not?
Dahl, Ashlynn08:33:06 pmI think that the way that I have lesson plans has changed immensely because when I first started working with children I didn’t know how to plan a lesson plan at all. The next three years that I have worked with kids I have understood how children behave and work on things as a whole so my lesson plans have be more beneficial for the children.
Bachler, Allie08:32:56 pmYes, I have become more aware of the importance of curriculum as I work as a teacher as opposed to working as an aide. I understand more of the importance of planning and all of the time put into curriculum and activities compared to when I first started working in daycare.
Johnson, Uilani08:33:00 pmI would say that after working here for a year a lot of my mindset and methods of teaching to reach goals have changed, I can’t speak on the curriculum end too much but I would think that this too will change with more knowledge and experience that I gain.
Ellwood, Shelbie08:33:28 pmNo, we haven’t changed or used a new curriculum for a while.
Dupont, Teresa08:33:37 pmHonestly, I'm not sure how it used to be I have only been in the daycare scene for 3 years. I guess during the covid time we didn't really do a whole ton as everyone was scared of getting covid
{Ellingson, Dana}08:34:18 pmYes, Teresa. Many programs went into a survival mode vs. thriving and still, many are struggling to come out of that mode.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:34:16 pm5 nothing has really changed I believe that if something is working my motto is if its not broken and works why fix it unless of course it would be in the best interest of the kids I serve.
Poser, Chelsea08:34:22 pmI havent had enough time to see HOW it changes but i know it will as everything does. The idea of knowledge is to evolve.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:34:29 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:34:30 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:34:30 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:34:35 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:34:38 pm*
Poser, Chelsea08:34:57 pm*
Johnson, Uilani08:34:56 pmChelsea i cant imagine having the same plans for 10 years, especially with young kids. Maybe for teens
Johnson, Uilani08:35:06 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:35:13 pmdana- i think that is a great way to explain daycares because of covid. it is so hard to get EVERYONE out of the covid funk
{Ellingson, Dana}08:35:22 pmWhat are some ECIP domains or components you are seeing in your lesson plans?
Poser, Chelsea08:35:32 pmShe was older and stuck in her ways. I hope shes enjoying retirement
Ellwood, Shelbie08:36:01 pmWe try to include all 8 domains into our lesson plans (right now we are trying out the one domain focus each week).
Bachler, Allie08:36:00 pmI work with infants so a few of the ecips i have seen or used in lesson planning are SS1.2 Expresses feeling and emotions through gestures, facial expressions and sounds A4.1 Imitates sounds, motions and gestures L3.1 Imitates and repeats pitch and duration of caregiver sounds
Johnson, Uilani08:36:02 pmI see all ECIP domains in my lesson plans. I have been focusing a lot on fine motor skills using art and creativity. I have been creating lessons that require the use of scissors. This week we’re cutting and decorating christmas trees. They use fine motor, coordination and creativity. During morning calendar we’re going over math and literacy. We work on letter recognition and pronunciation.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:36:19 pmI try to use all the ECIP domains in my planning so its we versitle
{Ellingson, Dana}08:36:30 pmAllie- much of the survival mode is due to the effects of 'mini' trauma and a ripple effect of a mental health, loss or closing of programs and staff, families struggling to work from home, etc.
Dupont, Teresa08:37:42 pmi am seeing all ECIPS in our lesson plans at wokr
Bachler, Allie08:37:59 pmwhoops i went deeper into this question than I realized, arts language and social are the domains of those ecips i listed!
Poser, Chelsea08:38:11 pmIve got a lot of gross motor goi g on this week especially because its too cold to go outside. Social emotional as well. I plan on expanding outward as my room regulates and gets used to two brand new teachers and i will cover all domains in time.
Dahl, Ashlynn08:38:48 pmI see all domains in my classroom on a regular basis but the main one that I see is anything dealing with fine motor. I have a lot of sensory needs kids so i am always looking for ways to benefit them in that aspect but even just cutting basics, and working on pulling the tape off the dispenser to hang their pictures on the wall
{Ellingson, Dana}08:38:56 pm*
Dupont, Teresa08:39:00 pm*
Bachler, Allie08:38:59 pm*
Ellwood, Shelbie08:39:02 pm*
Poser, Chelsea08:39:03 pm*
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:39:06 pm*
{Ellingson, Dana}08:39:22 pmHow can you use the material from the class thus far to adapt or support your curriculum or lesson planning?
Dahl, Ashlynn08:39:47 pmI think that the big thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this class is the ecips. Before this cohort I was never aware of them and now they have helped me in the classroom in many ways.
Bachler, Allie08:39:35 pmThe biggest thing I have started using more is ECIPs, I was made aware of them before this class but the more I learn the easier it is to use them and implement them into lesson planning. Simply going through the ECIPs and finding a focal point helps me build a lesson plan for the week.
Johnson, Uilani08:39:38 pmMy center is in survival mode but for me i feel like even if we’re just tryna survive im gonna give my all to my kids. When i started it was supposed to be a temporary thing but i put my heart into it. An older employee asked oh are you planning to stay since youre actually caring for the kids? At the time i was still set on going back to my job but i found it odd that her mindset was not in it to win it. As if she didnt care.
Ellwood, Shelbie08:39:46 pmI can take the materials I currently have and come up with lessons or activities using those materials, and find ways to incorporate them into our curriculum.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:39:46 pm I can accommodate those who need accommodations as I now understand who needs accommodations and who needs modifications in the preschool curriculum I also have a good idea what is going to push the kids just a little bit daily without loosing there interest in the topic were learing that day.
Johnson, Uilani08:39:52 pmI can use the resources from this class to refer back to for support and to double check that I am covering the things I need to in order to help my children. The obvious resource being the ECIPs as everything is centered around reaching the different domains in various stages of growth.
{Ellingson, Dana}08:40:16 pmInteresting Uilani.
Dupont, Teresa08:40:22 pmi am able to use resources and websites that i didnt know before hand to enhanve my knowledge on certain things
Johnson, Uilani08:42:39 pmTeresa, the amount of useful websites I’ve found just by doing the curriculum research was a lot of useful information and i learned so much. I didn't even look through all the curriculum either. There’s so much yet to learn
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:43:01 pmwould you share some of the websites you find useful?
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:43:33 pmthe more resources the better in my opinioin
{Ellingson, Dana}08:44:40 pmGreat work tonight, Everyone! I hope to see you on the boards this week, but look for an email if you do not see me there 🙂
Poser, Chelsea08:44:43 pmI would have no idea how to support or adapt my curriculum without this and other CDA modules. I take the information to heart and try my best to be the very best preschool teacher i can be. I was given NO toolbox growing up because my family didnt know any better. I have knowledge that changes how i see behaviors and engagement and play. That same knowledge also shapes how relearn with the children i care for.
Johnson, Uilani08:44:46 pmDo you want to share your email and i can send you some of the ones i found. I have some bookmarked but have to dig for others.
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:47:10
Sabrowsky, Sarah08:49:04 pmgood night everyone.
Johnson, Uilani08:51:43 pmNight all great chat