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{Bergen, Sharon}06:54:03 pmHello early birds - welcome in!
Perez, Kica06:54:29 pmHello
Fountain, Marla06:54:37 pmHello
Parker, Mackenzie06:54:39 pmHello!
Fry, Molly06:54:44 pmHello
Perez, Kica06:55:06 pmFare warning i have a fever and shacky hands so please forgive misspellings
{Bergen, Sharon}06:55:42 pmWe have a little over 5 minutes until we get going. Feel free to take some time to breathe, stretch your legs, warm up your coffee or chat among yourselves!
Bunt, Emily06:56:17 pmhello!
Bunt, Emily06:56:25 pmoh no Kica! I hope you feel better soon!
{Bergen, Sharon}06:56:29 pmNo worries Kica - we will do our best to see the meaning in what you type - there sure is a lot of illness going around!! Time to up the handwashing and get vaccinated.
Fry, Molly06:58:35 pmI survived two days of picture days at my center. I am tired! LOL
{Bergen, Sharon}06:58:54 pmOh Molly, I do not miss those .
Fry, Molly06:59:43 pmit is worth it in the end, but man to get 90 kids to smile! LOL
Brown, Daryiane06:59:58 pmHello
{Bergen, Sharon}07:00:52 pmWell everyone - my clock says 7 pm - let's get going. Thanks so much for your flexibility last week. I really appreciate it. Tonight, we will look back at a few questions from week two focusing on recruitment and selection – very ‘hot’ topics in the current climate. Then we will move on to the week three topic of orientation. We may not finish that topic this week, but we can shelf some of the questions for next week if we need to. But, before we dive into our topics, a quick check in on the final assignment choices – hopefully you have had a chance to review them on page 3 of the syllabus. What questions do you have? If none, use the * to signal you are ready to proceed.
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{Bergen, Sharon}07:02:19 pmWell that was easy, how about another easy one! Our first topic tonight is ‘employee recruitment and selection’. While it might seem that today you have no choices in who you hire, you DO always have the choice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each candidate you consider. Also, a reminder that while you may not currently have responsibility for hiring, the expectation of this credential is that you imagine yourself in that role and work toward the competencies that are needed to fulfill it successfully. Make sense? If so, use the * to signal.
Jones, Lacey07:02:43 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:02:45 pm*
Fry, Molly07:02:50 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:02:53 pm*
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Fountain, Marla07:03:02 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:03:46 pmOK - this ones a bit tricker and will require some typing 🙂 Luckily, most programs are not always in desperate need of new or additional employees. So, share some things you can do BEFORE you post an open position which might help your program actually benefit from a teacher turnover?
Wallace, Marc07:04:58 pmConduct an exit interview with employee who is leaving. Assess the staffing needs of your program, assistant, aide, teacher, administrative employee, etc. Build a profile of the ideal candidate.
Fry, Molly07:05:07 pmI usually look at our current schedule and see where the need is, position, hours or coverage needed, and what classroom. I want to be specific if I can so I draw in the correct person. If I am looking for a preschool teacher and I get mostly people that like to work with infants that might not work.
Parker, Mackenzie07:05:08 pmWe get staff opinions on what we are looking for in a teacher and what we want in a new staff member.
Jones, Lacey07:05:15 pmOne thing I do is check in with my staff and be sure they are happy where they are or if they would like to change rooms or hours. That way they are all kept happy and I know exactly what I am looking for
Perez, Kica07:05:54 pmLook at your schedule, and any part of daily operations that could use help.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:06:07 pmSmart thinking Marc - an employee who is leaving is a chance to learn what we can do better!
Bunt, Emily07:06:07 pmTaking care of your teachers and staff members, exit interviews with anybody that is leaving, see what exactly we need and if anybody wants a schedule shift so I can accurately advertise, I want to be picky on who I hire and what we expect out of our staff
Gates, Keona07:06:12 pmconducting exit interviews with departing teachers to understand their reasons for leaving. This feedback can help you identify areas for improvement. Additionally, assess workload and job satisfaction regularly to proactively address issues that might lead to turnover.
Brown, Daryiane07:06:39 pmI say looking at your current schedule and needs would help me determine my hiring needs
Wallace, Marc07:06:42 pmThanks, it's something we need to improve when we have turnover.
Fountain, Marla07:06:46 pmWe could ask the staff if they know of any early childhood development teachers and ask them about their worth ethics
Parker, Mackenzie07:06:45 pmI never thought about having an exit interview!
Fry, Molly07:07:04 pmI also check in with current staff to see if they want a change to a new room or have a different shift
{Bergen, Sharon}07:07:07 pmSo glad to see all or most of you mention checking internally first to see if there is a fit - having promotion or even movement opportunities is often highly valued by existing staff.
Fountain, Marla07:07:12 pmSorry work Ethics
Gates, Keona07:07:19 pm@Dariyane I agree!!!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:08:12 pmAnd great - many of you are seeing this as a chance to clarify your needs - as my granddad would say "you have to know what you are fishing for in order to catch it"
Jones, Lacey07:09:00 pmI've never done an exit interview but I seem to know why most people are leaving $$$
{Bergen, Sharon}07:09:08 pmA couple of Sharon ideas to add - use this as a chance to hone your recruitment materials - are your posting up to date and do they look 'current'? Are you selection materials such as applications up to date?
Brown, Daryiane07:09:11 pmThat’s a good one Sharon lol
{Bergen, Sharon}07:09:49 pmThat may be true Lacey but you can still learn from those people about what did and did not work for them while they did work for you.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:09:53 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:09:54 pmI finally moved us into this century with an online application through google forms! That has been a huge help
Jones, Lacey07:09:56 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:10:00 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:10:02 pm*
Gates, Keona07:10:06 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:10:08 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:10:07 pm*
Fry, Molly07:10:14 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:10:44 pmSo let's imagine you have done your preparation work and are ready to let the world know about your opening - where or how have you posted/shared open positions in the past? Was it effective?
Perez, Kica07:11:08 pm*Facbook & indeed
Brown, Daryiane07:11:10 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:11:19 pmFacebook community groups have beent the BEST
Parker, Mackenzie07:11:22 pmWe just share it on Facebook. We have a very large following so the post gets shared a lot
Fountain, Marla07:11:25 pmI posted on indeed and Facebook
Jones, Lacey07:11:26 pmalso indeed
Fry, Molly07:11:35 pmIndeed, Facebook, our center page, Facebook groups. Indeed has been effect lately, about 1 year ago it was not but then there was not very may people looking and lots of centers seeking staff. Sometime it is who I know and who my staff know that i find good people to hire
Brown, Daryiane07:11:36 pmSocial media, and flyers
Bunt, Emily07:11:46 pmindeed or the company website. The daycare I am currently at doesnt use the center facebook very much which is a little sad to me
Wallace, Marc07:11:49 pmIndeed is mostly where we post and that has been the most effective for finding new recruits. We do have a form on our website, but we mostly get spam applications on that.We have posted on Montessori job boards and on training program websites, but we have had maybe one or two hits off of those and none of them successful.
Gates, Keona07:12:20 pmIn the past, we've posted open positions on our program's website, job search websites (e.g., Indeed, LinkedIn), educational forums, and local professional networks. The effectiveness varies depending on the role and the platform's reach.
Jones, Lacey07:13:13 pmOur church's weekly announcements have also been helpful
Wallace, Marc07:13:58 pm@Keona, have you had success with LInkedIn? I have never thought to use them.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:14:03 pmSharon tip - if you are counting on social media and word of mouth for your employment leads - are you using a referral program that rewards parents or staff for referring applicants? Hint - my experience with referral programs is you get a lot of impact for not much $ - it does not take much for your existing staff or parents to feel thanked or rewarded for helping you find great applicants
{Bergen, Sharon}07:14:32 pmLove that idea Lacey - church announcements are often free and lots of people hear them!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:15:26 pmSharon tip - are you posting your openings at area colleges or universities - job posting are usually free if they have an ECE program and lots of students see them!! Are you working with local faculty - they know students who are looking!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:16:03 pmRemember - web based ideas are fine but you do miss out on a big population of people who are not social media savvy or web followers!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:16:48 pmOther ideas for recruitment ?
Jones, Lacey07:17:13 pmThe local highschool has been helpful when looking for aides
Fountain, Marla07:17:43 pmI have put Flyers in libraries and laundromats
Brown, Daryiane07:18:13 pmI never thought of a laundromat! Good idea
Parker, Mackenzie07:18:14 pmWe partner with the school to have high school kids come over for credit! great way to find young kids interested the field.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:18:36 pmSharon tip - consider the places that your pootential employee 'hang out' - dont overlook low tech ideas like a poster at a local coffee shop! Exactly Marla - I was just about to type libraries - I have hired many great employees from those posters!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:19:00 pmHigh schools are great for entry level jobs!
Parker, Mackenzie07:19:29 pmWe have a few High schoolers that come before and after school
Fry, Molly07:19:35 pmWe have a big church sign and I get an ad Thursdays and Saturdays! You can see it from 35
{Bergen, Sharon}07:19:52 pmLast Sharon tip - ask your existing employees - where do you see job postings? Where do people like you hang out and hear about jobs?
{Bergen, Sharon}07:20:04 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:20:07 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:20:08 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:20:14 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:20:16 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:20:38 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:20:46 pm*
Fry, Molly07:20:50 pm*
Perez, Kica07:20:58 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:21:16 pmLet's now imagine all of your great recruitment ideas have gotten your phone ringing and the applications pouring in - now what? Have you used phone screening or short phone or Zoom interviews successfully to screen candidate before a more in depth interview? What worked or did not work?
Bunt, Emily07:22:19 pmI have done screenings when I have applied to jobs and I have always wanted to incorporate that because you can sense a lot from those phone interviews.
Wallace, Marc07:22:23 pmWe have used phone/zoom screening successfully. Screening candidates based on what their need is versus ours is helpful. For example, can the person do full-time, when can they start, etc. It is harder to assess skills over the phone or screen without them right in front of you to see their body language.
Jones, Lacey07:22:31 pmIf I can get someone to come by for an interview that is a HUGE win, I can't tell you how many times I've been stood up. I have done some phone and zoom interviews but mostly for folks out of town
Perez, Kica07:22:34 pmNo but that’s genious
Fry, Molly07:22:36 pmI have only done a coupl eof phone interview before a in person interview. I like face to face. I have screened people through email, ask some basic questions to see if this position would even work for them.
Parker, Mackenzie07:22:38 pmAs far as I know we have only done in person interviews.
Fountain, Marla07:23:09 pmNo, I haven't tried any screening before interviews I have to give it a try.
Brown, Daryiane07:23:28 pmI have done a lot of phone interviews and zoom. I think that would be the best way
Gates, Keona07:23:30 pmYes, we've used phone screening successfully. It helps to quickly assess a candidate's qualifications and fit for the role, but it's essential to have a structured set of questions and evaluation criteria to make it effective.
Jones, Lacey07:23:33 pmI have done that too Molly, email seems to get better response than offering phone calls
Fountain, Marla07:24:10 pmLacey I've been stood up too.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:24:21 pmSharon tip - I love phone screening. I think it is a huge time saver to weed out applicants who can't or don't meet your needs. You can ask about hours they can work, if they are open to a background check. etc. You learn a bit about their communication skills and you can eliminate candidates that would not be a good use of time to interview. In my experience doing a phone screen can also minimize the number of interview 'no shows' too
{Bergen, Sharon}07:24:54 pmVery true Keona - to be fair you must screen each candidate in the same way
{Bergen, Sharon}07:25:31 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:25:35 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:25:37 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:25:37 pm*
Fry, Molly07:25:40 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:25:43 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:25:47 pm*
Perez, Kica07:25:47 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:26:01 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:26:20 pmImagine you have identified a few candidates to interview - time to figure out our interview process - How might the MN Knowledge and Competency Framework that we learned about in week 1 help you in the interview process?
Perez, Kica07:28:18 pmUsing it as a guide to know what questions you want to ask.
Wallace, Marc07:28:38 pmI think it can help an interviewer assess in the broad strokes a candidates education and experience. If they have previously worked the field in MN, then they should have a Develop record you can ask to review.
Fountain, Marla07:28:39 pmSet up your questions to ask
Gates, Keona07:28:47 pmThe framework can aid in the interview process by providing clear standards for evaluating a candidate's knowledge, skills, and competencies specific to early childhood education in Minnesota.
Parker, Mackenzie07:28:52 pmI think it would help you remember the standards that you want met in you new employee
Parker, Mackenzie07:28:58 pmyour**
Bunt, Emily07:29:14 pmIt would help structure the interview process with clear standards and help set up which questions to ask
Jones, Lacey07:29:21 pmIt can help you determine how deep their knowledge of the field is.
Fry, Molly07:29:47 pmI think we can use it as a guide to help us. if they know early childhood industry then they should be able to answer some ECE questions
{Bergen, Sharon}07:30:27 pmExactly - the KCFs can help with ideas for content of questions - both depth and variety. It can help you identify whether a response is at the level you are hoping for and it can help you link training needs to candidates after the interview. A really handy tool!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:30:32 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:30:47 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:30:48 pm*
Fry, Molly07:30:51 pm*
Perez, Kica07:30:51 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:30:54 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:31:03 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:31:05 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:31:08 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:31:20 pmIN addition to knowing what you will ask in an interview you need to think about who will participate. What are some benefits of bringing together an interviewing team? What might that team look like in your setting if it were to happen a month from now?
Jones, Lacey07:32:50 pmI was able to be a part of interviews before I was the director and it was helpful as I took on this role. It can also be helpful if you are hiring for a specific classroom/coteacher so you can judge if they would work well together
Parker, Mackenzie07:32:53 pmRight now we have the director myself and the admin. We all have our rolls in the center so we can ask question from each point of view.
Fountain, Marla07:32:58 pmThey can come up with different questions that you might not ask. I would have to teach her or assistant director to join me.
Bunt, Emily07:33:05 pmI think that it would be beneficial because it shows that people see things in the interviewees that you never would have seen, it shows that people are invested in the success of who takes over the position. In my current daycare, a interviewing team would never happen since we are so short staffed so its just the admin team
Jones, Lacey07:33:08 pmWe usually don't have enough coverage to make this happen though
Fry, Molly07:33:10 pmI think I would use a couple of lead teachers, my self, and my director under me. We could all ask questions and get our own feel for the canadate. Although in the past I have interveiwed a canadte and then the owner did and sometime that intimdated them.
Perez, Kica07:33:16 pmRight now we don’t have a routine but…..when I’m done with my capstone we will
Fountain, Marla07:33:22 pma teacher
Wallace, Marc07:33:26 pmYou will have different perspectives and experiences brought to the interviewing process. We currently use a team to interview. First our program director has a conversation with them. Once they are satisfied, then the candidate meets the COO (me) and the CEO. We ask some interview questions and assess the answers as a team later on.
Brown, Daryiane07:33:48 pmHaving someone that’s has did interviews before would help me with different questions to ask
{Bergen, Sharon}07:34:17 pmSharon tip - Interview teams help you get deeper and more meaningful insight into candidates. I always try to have 2- 3 people plus me int he interview. At least 1 of those people should be in a similar postion to the one you a e hiring for. Try to avoid an all management team. You want staff buy in on building your team you have to involve them. Plus, they know things about the day to day work that you may not.
Gates, Keona07:34:35 pmBringing together an interviewing team ensures diverse perspectives and reduces individual bias. In our setting, the team might include program leaders, experienced teachers
Brown, Daryiane07:35:41 pmThat’s good support Sharon
Parker, Mackenzie07:36:14 pmI think bringing in a teacher of the roll you are tying to fill is helpful to know what that teacher is looking for in an assistant teacher or an aide.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:36:19 pmSharon tip - I do NOT ask members of my interview team if they would or would not hire the person. I reserve that decision for myself as the director. I simply ask them 1. What did you see as strengths and 2 - what support do you think this person would need to be successful. Rating, ranking etc from multiple sources can just cause conflict.
Jones, Lacey07:36:42 pmThat is a great tip
Fry, Molly07:37:07 pmI like that tip Sharon
Bunt, Emily07:37:15 pmThat is really useful !
{Bergen, Sharon}07:37:46 pmReminder - to be equitable and avoid even the appearance of unfair hiring - you should ask each candidate the same set of questions so be sure you have prepared questions in advance.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:38:07 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:38:10 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:38:12 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:38:13 pm*
Fry, Molly07:38:14 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:38:16 pmThat has been my biggest struggle!
Jones, Lacey07:38:18 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:38:19 pm*
Gates, Keona07:38:26 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:38:32 pm*
Perez, Kica07:38:58 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:39:03 pmOne great way to decide the strengths of a candidate is by seeing them 'in action' - Have you tried ‘working interviews’ in which the candidate interacts in the program? Was this helpful? If you are not using this practice, what obstacles are in the way?
Fry, Molly07:39:58 pmI have done working interview, it can be great to see them in action and see if they jump in or not.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:40:08 pmSharon tip - of course when a candidate is in the classroom they can NOT be counted in ratio and can NOT be alone with children - safety first!
Perez, Kica07:40:11 pmHow does background checks work for that .
Fountain, Marla07:40:14 pmI haven't done that, but I have seen it done in previous sinners I've worked at it's a great idea
Parker, Mackenzie07:40:19 pmWe just talked about this at the directors meeting I was in today! We have never done this but it might be interesting to see how the person would interact with the staff as well as the kiddos.
Gates, Keona07:40:22 pmWe haven't used working interviews, but it's a valuable practice to assess a candidate's real-world skills and interactions with children and colleagues. Obstacles might include logistics and ensuring fairness in the process.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:40:26 pmKica - if they are not alone you are OK
Wallace, Marc07:40:42 pmWe have never tried a working interview. I did just read that you can let a candidate work for two hours in a classroom, but they need to be under direct supervision the whole time. I don't think any obstacles are in the way. It would be a matter of developing an assessment to see how they handle the classroom and interact with the kids.
Bunt, Emily07:40:47 pmI have done one before and it was interesting because it helped see what the teacher thinks as well and you can actually see how they are in the classroom. BUT do not leave them alone. It will need to be for safety purposes for not being hired yet
Jones, Lacey07:40:56 pmWe have done this in the past and I tried to do it again but was once again stood up! It is really helpful to see if they have the guts to get in there with the kiddos and what their energy is like with them
Fountain, Marla07:40:59 pmcenters
{Bergen, Sharon}07:41:20 pmSharon tip - I LOVE workig interview. Some people who cannot talk well about what they can do really show it in the classroom. I am sure I would have missed out on some great employees without this chance
Brown, Daryiane07:41:30 pmWe have not used this tool before
Fry, Molly07:42:06 pmIt can help a lot! I tell them to jump in but be in an observer type roll, no diaper changes, bottle feeding or anything. I usually don't put them in an infant room though, toddler or preschool
Parker, Mackenzie07:42:09 pmSharon I am like that! I would have loved to do a working interview!
Brown, Daryiane07:42:52 pmThat’s good to do to Molly
{Bergen, Sharon}07:42:54 pmSharon tip - my favorite is to ask the candidates to bring a children's book to share during thier time int he classroom. You learn a lot by what they pick (do they get this age group) and the book assignment gives them a feeling of safety and what to expect. I dont expect a perfect read aloud group time but you do see how they relate to the children, how 'fun' they are and how much effort they put in.
Jones, Lacey07:43:24 pmLove that idea so much!
Gates, Keona07:43:29 pmThat’s a great tip
Fry, Molly07:44:01 pmTHe book idea is great! I have had staff who tell me they love to read to kids and then they are super dull to listen too. LOL
{Bergen, Sharon}07:44:34 pmPlus - the candidate gets a feeling for your program and the warm and privilege that comes with being around children. Way more motivating than sitting in your office the whole time!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:44:57 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:45:00 pm*
Fry, Molly07:45:01 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:45:02 pm*
Perez, Kica07:45:02 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:45:04 pmSo true Sharon
Fountain, Marla07:45:07 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:45:08 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:45:08 pm*
Gates, Keona07:45:09 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:45:21 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:45:43 pmOK - let's imagine you loveone of the cnadidates and want to hire him or her - now what? In your role you may want to glean some insight into a candidate’s work history. What are some ways you can learn about a candidate’s employment history and performance?
Jones, Lacey07:46:25 pmWe always ask for 3 references and give at least one or two a call
Gates, Keona07:46:28 pmTo learn about a candidate's employment history and performance, we can contact their previous employers for references, ask situational questions during interviews, and use background checks to verify work history.
Wallace, Marc07:46:29 pmYou can do a reference check and see if the previous employer had any issues with them or any skills that they would have liked the candidate to build on. You as the interviewer can ask if they had a difficult situation with an employer or another staff member, how did they handle it? The interviewer can ask if they had a skill that they would like to build and work on.
Fry, Molly07:46:51 pmI ask about their last role, center - what did they like best? What would you change? You can learn a lot by this question
{Bergen, Sharon}07:46:53 pmSharon tip - do you Google prospective employees? You should, you will learn things.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:47:27 pmSharon tip - best reference check question EVER - would you let this person care for your own child?
Parker, Mackenzie07:47:29 pmWe’ve asked the question during an interview about what the staff have liked about their old jobs to get a sense on how they talk about it.
Bunt, Emily07:47:39 pmDoing a reference check is always great, 2-3 references would be wonderful. Ask about their previous employment history and call them as a reference
Brown, Daryiane07:47:42 pmAsking for references and employment history. Asking if it’s ok to contact there previously employment
{Bergen, Sharon}07:48:06 pmSharon tip - you may contact past (but not current) employers even if the candidate di not put them down as a reference - they may have A LOT to tell you
Fountain, Marla07:48:09 pm We could call references to check their employment history
Perez, Kica07:48:33 pmLoving all the tips
Parker, Mackenzie07:48:55 pmWe did a reference email on our last hire and the other center would not tell us anything about her.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:49:08 pmSharon tip - if the candidate is a student - have you contacts the instructors in their program? We know a lot about their skills!
Parker, Mackenzie07:49:49 pmEmailing teachers to get references on high schoolers is a good idea too
{Bergen, Sharon}07:50:10 pmMackenzie - sadly some employers have that policy but many will at least tell you date s of employment (which helps you check their application for accuracy) and if they would be rehired.
{Bergen, Sharon}07:50:21 pm*
Jones, Lacey07:50:25 pm*
Parker, Mackenzie07:50:26 pm*
Bunt, Emily07:50:30 pm*
Fry, Molly07:50:31 pm*
Fountain, Marla07:50:45 pm*
Brown, Daryiane07:50:49 pm*
Wallace, Marc07:50:52 pm*
Perez, Kica07:50:54 pm*
Gates, Keona07:50:58 pm*
{Bergen, Sharon}07:51:11 pmOK guys I see our time has flown by. I really wanted to get through all of the week 2 questions because it is such a critical topic. I promise we will address some of the week 3 ones next week!!!
{Bergen, Sharon}07:51:24 pmHave a great evening and on to week 4!!!
Bunt, Emily07:51:32 pmThank you so much!
Jones, Lacey07:51:33 pmHave a good night!
Parker, Mackenzie07:51:33 pmThank you!
Wallace, Marc07:51:39 pmThanks! Good night!
Fry, Molly07:51:42 pmThank you
Brown, Daryiane07:51:46 pmGood night
Fountain, Marla07:52:16 pmThank you! Have a good night!