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Doucette, Mary06:58:16 pmHello
Schaefer, JoDee06:59:07 pmHi
{Pierce, Debra}07:01:46 pmHello!
{Pierce, Debra}07:02:21 pmHopefuly, more will come... Let's wait another couple minutes!
Martineau, Robin07:04:39 pmHi it wasn't working for me till now.
{Pierce, Debra}07:04:48 pmHi, Robin!
Doucette, Mary07:05:09 pmHi ladies
{Pierce, Debra}07:05:18 pmEverybody glad tomorrow is Friday?
Martineau, Robin07:05:26 pmAlso I reacted from my allergy shot tonight before I left so I am fighting Benadryl in my system tonight. I will do my best to stay awake.
Doucette, Mary07:05:27 pmYes 🙌
Schaefer, JoDee07:05:29 pmyes!
Martineau, Robin07:05:33 pmyes
{Pierce, Debra}07:07:18 pmIn the Lecture Notes this week... I listed 3 important things families should look for when choosing child care.... can you think of other things?
Doucette, Mary07:07:50 pmPositive atmosphere
{Pierce, Debra}07:07:55 pmThose 3 were: - The size of the overall group - The caregiver-to-child ratio - Whether the caregiver has specialized training in child development or early childhood education
{Pierce, Debra}07:08:05 pmYes, Mary... good one!
{Pierce, Debra}07:08:29 pmWhen you walk into a program, there is a vibe you can feel, right?
Doucette, Mary07:08:56 pmIf the provider is response to the child
Doucette, Mary07:09:15 pmGood communication from the provider
{Pierce, Debra}07:09:15 pmOK... watching to see the interaction going on.
Doucette, Mary07:09:44 pmYes the interaction is a better way to put it
{Pierce, Debra}07:09:47 pmIf you were just visiting, you might now really know if there is any good communication.
{Pierce, Debra}07:09:55 pmnot
Schaefer, JoDee07:10:21 pmclean atmosphere
Doucette, Mary07:10:35 pmYes that’s true
{Pierce, Debra}07:10:35 pmYes... clean... especially nowadays.
{Pierce, Debra}07:10:58 pmNever a good thing to see "not clean"
Doucette, Mary07:11:07 pmI was thinking more like chatting with the parents about the program etc
{Pierce, Debra}07:11:14 pmOk, then yes!
{Pierce, Debra}07:12:03 pmWould being there to see children dropped off be a good thing? What would you be looking for?
Doucette, Mary07:12:42 pmHow the children and parents are approached
Doucette, Mary07:12:54 pmAnd welcomed
Martineau, Robin07:12:55 pmYes Interaction from the provider with parents and the kids.
{Pierce, Debra}07:13:14 pmThat is a very "telling" time!
{Pierce, Debra}07:13:37 pmWould you think it important to stay for a snack time or lunch?
Doucette, Mary07:14:32 pmSure I’ve had parents come when they are eating a meal or snack
Doucette, Mary07:14:53 pmI’ve had lots come during snack time
{Pierce, Debra}07:15:02 pmWhat would you like to see during that time?
Schaefer, JoDee07:15:05 pmyes, you can see the foods being served and how the provider interacts with the children during meal times
{Pierce, Debra}07:15:08 pmyes
{Pierce, Debra}07:15:20 pmimpotant, right???
Martineau, Robin07:15:43 pmyes
Doucette, Mary07:15:59 pmThe interaction between the child and provider and the foods served as well.
{Pierce, Debra}07:16:02 pmHow about group time?
Doucette, Mary07:16:05 pmYes
Doucette, Mary07:16:54 pmYes I’ve invited my parents to stay for circle time, I let them know they are welcome to come in anytime.
Martineau, Robin07:17:22 pmyes. To see how kids are learning or what is being taught and how provider interact with the children,
Doucette, Mary07:17:31 pmIt can be a distraction at times as well
{Pierce, Debra}07:17:37 pmThat is a good time to see interaction, too.
Schaefer, JoDee07:17:47 pmyes, you can see what is being taught
Doucette, Mary07:17:57 pmAs some children act up when mom shows up
{Pierce, Debra}07:18:08 pmYes, a visitor can be a distraction... but it might be a good time to see how the provider handles that!
Doucette, Mary07:18:36 pmExactly
{Pierce, Debra}07:19:10 pmIf you were a parent looking for child care... good chld care... would you make an appointment to visit, or just come by?
Schaefer, JoDee07:19:37 pmmake an appointment
Martineau, Robin07:19:40 pmappointment
Doucette, Mary07:19:45 pmI think making an appointment is respectful
{Pierce, Debra}07:20:28 pmIt is... but if you were able to just drop by for a few minutes... why would that be valuable to you as a parent who is evaluating a program.
Doucette, Mary07:21:08 pmTo see what’s going on when not expected
Schaefer, JoDee07:21:13 pmyou can see what is happening when you come in unexpected
{Pierce, Debra}07:21:19 pmAbsolutely.
{Pierce, Debra}07:21:44 pmMany times,, a child care center will make special changes and arrangements if they know someone is coming.
{Pierce, Debra}07:22:09 pmThis also happens if they know licensing is coming, right???!!!
Doucette, Mary07:22:21 pmSeriously?
{Pierce, Debra}07:22:24 pmyes
Doucette, Mary07:23:05 pmWe have all surprise visits from county
{Pierce, Debra}07:23:11 pmPut away the broken toys, shuffle children so they are in ratio, etc.
{Pierce, Debra}07:23:29 pmYes, we have that here too... but sometimes they "know".
{Pierce, Debra}07:24:29 pmI have been at a center visiting a student when someone sees the licensing rep pull into the parking lot.... You should see everyone panic and shuffle!
Doucette, Mary07:24:48 pmOh geeze
{Pierce, Debra}07:25:02 pmThis is probably not a center you would want to utilize.
Doucette, Mary07:25:09 pmI don’t know they are here until they are knocking on my door
Doucette, Mary07:25:24 pmYes definitely not
{Pierce, Debra}07:25:54 pmLet's talk a minnute about standardized testing... like it or leave it?
Martineau, Robin07:25:59 pmSame here I don't know they are here until they are knocking on the door.
Doucette, Mary07:26:54 pmI think it’s a good thing to see where children are at educationally
Schaefer, JoDee07:28:51 pmI do like the standardized testing but some kids aren't test takers either
{Pierce, Debra}07:29:06 pmI can, but it can also be unfair, too. Some children don't have the same home experiences as others or no experiences and will have a harder time understanding questioins about places or questions using vocabulary they have never heard.
Doucette, Mary07:29:32 pmYes that’s true some are better hands on and freeze up on tests
{Pierce, Debra}07:29:48 pmAnd yes, some children are nervous and don't do well on tests... doesn't mean they don't know the stuff... they just can't take a test. But, they are graded on what they do.
Doucette, Mary07:30:29 pmYes that is so true
{Pierce, Debra}07:30:45 pmThen, you have children from other cultures and languages... all expected to take the same test as every other child.
{Pierce, Debra}07:31:16 pmHow about standardized tests for preschoolers?
Doucette, Mary07:31:50 pmYes that’s true too I guess it is a little tougher than I had thought about maybe they should have the tests but not go totally by the scores
{Pierce, Debra}07:32:48 pmOther than a "test"...what can we use to determine a child's learning and development in preschool?
Doucette, Mary07:33:08 pmPretty much the same thing I’ve had preschoolers do tests and if they don’t feel like answering you for some reason that day they don’t lol doesn’t mean they know nothing
Schaefer, JoDee07:33:35 pmI don't think there should be standardized testing in preschool, just observing them you can document things they are learning and things they can do
Doucette, Mary07:33:38 pmAnd some clam up at the schools for kindergarten testing if it’s with some they don’t know
Doucette, Mary07:34:00 pmYes I agree JoDee
Doucette, Mary07:34:12 pmSomeone
{Pierce, Debra}07:34:28 pmYes, observations... this is called
{Pierce, Debra}07:34:36 pm"authentic assessment."
Doucette, Mary07:34:54 pmYes
{Pierce, Debra}07:35:15 pmThis gives a more accurate picture of the whole child, unlike a test.
Doucette, Mary07:35:42 pmMaybe the teachers in schools should do the same observe a child each day or week and record it like we do
{Pierce, Debra}07:35:55 pmYes, I agree.
{Pierce, Debra}07:37:01 pmIf a little child is scared during the Kindergarten entrance test, he may not do well and may be eld back from Kindergarten, when he has no need to be.
{Pierce, Debra}07:37:09 pmheld
Doucette, Mary07:37:12 pmJust curious are all you guys parent Aware ?
Doucette, Mary07:37:47 pmYes Deb agree 100 percent I’ve seen the scenario
Schaefer, JoDee07:38:01 pmI'm currently working on my rating
{Pierce, Debra}07:38:20 pmIs this a rating system for providers?
Doucette, Mary07:39:14 pmWhat Deb ?
{Pierce, Debra}07:39:23 pmParent Aware...
Doucette, Mary07:39:54 pmIt’s a rating to teach preschool and there are grants for parents
{Pierce, Debra}07:40:46 pmDo parents use a provider's rating to determine experience or quality?
Doucette, Mary07:40:58 pmGoes from a 1 star to a 4 star brewing the highest we rate over every 2 years I’m in my 5 th rating 4 star
{Pierce, Debra}07:41:31 pmWhat are the stars based on? Licensed, accreditation?
Doucette, Mary07:42:56 pmYes, you choose your ratingf 4 star is a lot if hours and classes to take in all the different
Doucette, Mary07:43:07 pmFramework areas
Doucette, Mary07:43:56 pmWe also observe, record , do conferences with the parents just like a preschool does
Doucette, Mary07:44:23 pmWe are considered a preschool I also have a curriculum I use as well
{Pierce, Debra}07:45:00 pmok, I understand now. We have a rating system in Indiana called Paths to Quality. It is based on levels of professional development... 1 star is new provider, 2 is staff having their CDA's and the center being licensed, 3 and 4 are being accredited.
Doucette, Mary07:45:27 pmOh ok
{Pierce, Debra}07:45:33 pmIt helps parents choose child care.
Doucette, Mary07:45:45 pmNice
{Pierce, Debra}07:45:59 pmBut, even that can be corrupted, too.
{Pierce, Debra}07:46:23 pmParents can't just rely on that rating to choose. They need to do what????
Doucette, Mary07:46:38 pmIt’s actually a lot of work to keep it up but we’ll worth it to me to be able to watch the littles grow in all the areas and be ready for kindergarten
{Pierce, Debra}07:46:48 pmNice, Mary!
Doucette, Mary07:47:53 pmI work a lot on social/ emotional skills as now a days there seems to be a lack of that in parenting
Schaefer, JoDee07:47:58 pmEven with a rating I would still want to visit the childcare and have references
Doucette, Mary07:48:11 pmAbsolutely JoDee
{Pierce, Debra}07:48:37 pmYES!
{Pierce, Debra}07:49:22 pmIf a parent said to you... "It seems all you do is play all day here." how would you respond?
Doucette, Mary07:49:35 pmI know a few providers that shouldn’t be in my opinion
Doucette, Mary07:49:49 pmLooks of the place means nothing
Schaefer, JoDee07:49:49 pmplaying is a very important part of learning at this age
{Pierce, Debra}07:50:11 pmYes, it is...
Doucette, Mary07:50:52 pmI’d say yes, we do play a lot they learn a lot from playtime and I’d explain about how they learn from the different things we are doing
{Pierce, Debra}07:51:01 pmGood answer!
{Pierce, Debra}07:51:14 pmSometimes parents have to see it to believe it.
Doucette, Mary07:51:36 pmYes
{Pierce, Debra}07:51:59 pmThey often have unrealistic expectations for their child in preschool.
Doucette, Mary07:53:17 pmI had a new mom today say so what did you do today and the little girl said play mom says you don’t have a project like you had yesterday I then said nope not today we colored, we did some shape worksheets and sorting and we were outside a couple times she said oh ok
{Pierce, Debra}07:53:27 pmWhen I was teaching preschool, I had the parents write down their goals for their cild at the beginning of the year. Then, we would talk about those at the first conference. I would also have a list of goals for their child. That was a good time to weed out those unrealistic goals from the parents and explain why their child was noit going to learn algebra!
Doucette, Mary07:54:15 pmAwesome Thank you I love that idea
{Pierce, Debra}07:55:14 pmThere are a lot of things parents can learn from us... and a lot they can share with us about their children. TThat relationship and communication is super important.
{Pierce, Debra}07:55:42 pmDid any of you get a chance to watch the Make a Difference video yet?
Doucette, Mary07:55:51 pmYes I’m a huge one for open communication
Doucette, Mary07:56:24 pmI probably talk to much lol
Schaefer, JoDee07:56:54 pmyes
{Pierce, Debra}07:57:12 pmDid you cry a little?
{Pierce, Debra}07:57:23 pmI did when I watched it!
Schaefer, JoDee07:58:05 pmyes!!
{Pierce, Debra}07:58:55 pmIf you have not seen it, please take time to watch. It says a lot about not judging children and to keep in contact with parnts so you know what's going on.
{Pierce, Debra}07:59:46 pmI'll look forward to reading your Reflections this week!
{Pierce, Debra}08:00:13 pmI hope Robin is ok... poor dear, with her allergies!
{Pierce, Debra}08:00:39 pmHave a nice weekend!
Doucette, Mary08:00:48 pmHave a great week everyone see you next Thursday I was thinking the same thing, I hope she’s ok 🙏
Schaefer, JoDee08:01:00 pmThank you! you too!
{Pierce, Debra}08:01:05 pmGood night!
Doucette, Mary08:01:47 pmGoodnight
Doucette, Mary08:01:53 pmThank you