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{Woznicki, Tara}12:54:13 pmHello hello!
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen12:56:35 pmHappy 2022!!
{Woznicki, Tara}12:54:24 pmHi Karen!
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen12:57:00 pmHI Tara! It's cold in MN today!!
{Woznicki, Tara}12:55:00 pmOh man it's cold here in PA too, but definitely not Minnesota cold
{Woznicki, Tara}12:55:16 pmWe only got our first snow 2 days ago.
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen12:57:56 pmSounds like Phili! How much did you get?
Hafner, Nancy12:58:01 pmHello Karen and Tara. is this only a non-audio chat, no video?
{Woznicki, Tara}12:55:49 pmJust 2 or 3 inches.
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen12:58:18 pmHi Nancy! How are you?
{Woznicki, Tara}12:55:58 pmHi Nancy! Yes, this is text based
{Woznicki, Tara}12:56:02 pmno video
{Woznicki, Tara}12:56:33 pmI'm going to wait a few minutes for people to join. Marissa may pop in as well.
Hafner, Nancy01:00:14 pmOk, I am going to try and multi-task and listen in on another video. My apologies if I seem distracted! I have no real questions, as I have not taught in awhile now, but I do have a class scheduled to begin on January 25th.
{Woznicki, Tara}12:58:24 pmNo worries, Nancy! Glad you could join us
{Woznicki, Tara}12:58:43 pmYou can always read the transcript after the chat if you want to
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:01:43 pmI think you will enjoy the new ETL platform, Nancy! I taught a stand alone class in December and of course we have many Director Credential classes starting up again now! Students find it much easier to find the information - especially ones new to ETL!
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:02:33 pmSo it is just us, Tara?
{Woznicki, Tara}01:00:31 pmHmmm I am going to give it just a couple more minutes
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:03:30 pmOK! I think I have asked all my questions already! Just want to be supportive of ETL and other instructors!! 🙂
{Woznicki, Tara}01:01:25 pmI appreciate that!
Hafner, Nancy01:03:56 pmthat sounds great! Do you have the capability to check on roster status for my upcoming course? Weaving Literacy
{Woznicki, Tara}01:01:47 pmWhat I was hoping to gain from this chat was feedback on the classroom updates
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:04:10 pmI also appreciate all your answers to the many questions that we all ask! And you are always kind!!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:01:55 pmYes, Nancy let me check real quick
Marek, Ashley01:05:04 pmHello! I am here and doing a little multi tasking but hope to see some more instructors
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:04:42 pmNancy - you can go into Develop and check that yourself! Very handy!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:02:42 pmEeek. I don't see anyone registered currently.
Hafner, Nancy01:05:23 pmYes, I am aware, Karen, I just have two screens going at the moment already! 🙂
{Woznicki, Tara}01:03:22 pmWe will blast this out to the system to see if we can get some people registered. I know there is a Parent Aware cohort starting up
{Woznicki, Tara}01:03:59 pmAlso Nancy you can always check out the classroom before the class starts if you want. You'll be able to see the new layout.
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:07:06 pmWell, it's good to see you all! I think I will go back to work then! I think we are all finding the classroom updates very helpful - so thanks for all the incredibly hard work to make the upgrades!!
Hafner, Nancy01:07:23 pmYes, I will do that, thanks for trying to spread the word about the class! I may also do a little promotion in my networks.
Albritton, Marissa01:02:38 pmWell that
{Woznicki, Tara}01:05:20 pmThank you, Karen! 🙂 We appreciate you and your dedication to ETL so much!
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:08:10 pmThanks Tara!! Talk to you soon!! Stay warm!!
Albritton, Marissa01:03:11 pmWell thats a perfect segue into our texting announcement. Once its up and running (hopefully by the end of the month) we can use it to help with last minute low enrollment promotion as well!
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:09:29 pmThat will be intersting Marissa to see how that is received! Hopefully well! We certainly find that some people's email seems to get buried and they don't read it! Of course I guess that can happen with text as well! Hope it is great!
Hafner, Nancy01:09:35 pmDo you recall if this class was going to be free?
{Woznicki, Tara}01:07:45 pmThe weaving literacy class is not free. it has a $40 fee.
Foster-Jorgensen, Karen01:10:13 pmTake care everybody!!
Hafner, Nancy01:10:15 pmTexting is a great tool for our younger providers!
Hafner, Nancy01:10:23 pmBye Karen!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:08:17 pmThat was our exact thought, Nancy!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:08:29 pmYounger educators tend to check texts more than emails
{Woznicki, Tara}01:09:12 pmAlso: Nancy i know i owe you an updated syllabus. I am still waiting on that, but i will follow up today.
{Woznicki, Tara}01:09:17 pmI'll keep you posted.
Hafner, Nancy01:12:07 pmWell, I am kind of with Karen, if we are out of discussion topics, I will focus in on my other meeting. Thanks, Tara. I am not going to stress about this one too much yet, with no one registered!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:10:21 pmSounds good, Nancy. Thank you for checking in!
Hafner, Nancy01:13:17 pmThanks for the opportunity, I will try and check in again next month! And wait to hear from you about this upcoming class.
{Woznicki, Tara}01:11:10 pmThank you, Nancy! Stay warm!
Hafner, Nancy01:16:50 pmHiTara, are you still here?
{Woznicki, Tara}01:15:12 pmYes im here!
Hafner, Nancy01:18:23 pmI just took a look in the classroom and I do have a couple of questions. Do you input the final assignment information?
{Woznicki, Tara}01:16:39 pmYes. But we have a state curriculum expert who reworks the syllabus and creates the final assignment.
{Woznicki, Tara}01:16:48 pmAnd then I put it in the classroom.
{Woznicki, Tara}01:17:36 pmUsually the curriculum just gets shifted around a bit so that we still cover everything even though we cut out the weekly reflections.
Hafner, Nancy01:19:59 pmSo that is the document you need to send me correct? I assume I still update and send you the welcome letter, syllabus and student checklist with current dates/times?
{Woznicki, Tara}01:17:46 pmYes, correct!
Hafner, Nancy01:20:34 pmI enjoy this topic so much, wish we had more people interested!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:18:27 pmI know, me too! It's such a good class!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:18:50 pmI think with staffing shortages, it has been harder for educators to register for classes.
Hafner, Nancy01:21:35 pmOK, thanks, I think I am good to go!
{Woznicki, Tara}01:19:34 pmOk sounds good! I'll be in touch about the syllabus and registration numbers.