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{Shields-Cutler, Nora}06:48:34 pmWelcome welcome!
Dahir, Fowsiya06:53:01 pmHello!
Heying, Kristy06:53:25 pmGood Evening!
Lo Oliver, Oth06:53:55 pmGood evening to all of you.
DeMars, Susan06:53:48 pmSusan DeMars Hello everyone
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}06:54:16 pmHello and Welcome!
Hernandez, Jansel06:54:15 pmHello... 🙌
Cunningham, Cynthia06:55:19 pmhi,
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}06:55:20 pmLook forward to chatting with everyone tonight - these first minutes can be sharing/question asking/waiting, whatever works! We have a great group of people with a lot of different related experience, I am excited to connect with all of you.
Elze, Karina06:55:36 pmHi all
Ellingson, Dana06:56:10 pmHello All!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}06:57:12 pmJansel I am impressed with your emoji skills on this platform! Need to up my game 🙂
Ellingson, Dana06:57:22 pmI am thrilled to see all the names of amazing trainers in here!
Grant, Angela06:58:38 pmHello!
Cunningham, Cynthia06:59:55 pmbeen a while since I've done an etl chat, no sound right? just typing
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:00:18 pmCorrect! Seems strange in 2020 doesn't it?
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:00:44 pmOk, I show 7 over here so let's get started with some introductions! Please indicate your readiness with a *.
Hernandez, Jansel07:00:45 pmThank you.. This sistem need icon🙊
Ellingson, Dana07:00:46 pmy'all dont want to hear my background noise anyhow! lol (2,3,15yrs)
Cunningham, Cynthia07:00:56 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:00:57 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:01:00 pmHaha mine either Dana!
Ellingson, Dana07:00:58 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:01:03 pm*
Elze, Karina07:01:06 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:01:07 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:01:01 pm*
Hernandez, Jansel07:01:14 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:01:22 pmThis is the training of trainers for From Farm to Early Care. It is designed to hopefully ensure a common understanding of Farm to Early Care basics, and provide the resources to facilitate our Develop-approved training “From Farm to Early Care”. I am co-facilitating with my colleague Ramona - we both work for Renewing the Countryside. I love the flexibility of Farm to Early Care, and the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. I know we have a lot of experienced trainers, providers, and so many others in the group, and I am hopeful we can learn from one another as we talk about Farm to Early Care these next few weeks.
Ellingson, Dana07:01:45 pm🙂 excited
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:02:09 pmLooking forward to the chat!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:02:34 pmPlease share the name you like to be called (especially if different than your blue name!)current role, what county you live in, and one thing you are looking forward to in 2021.
DeMars, Susan07:03:01 pmSue-live in McLeod, work for Wright. A family trip to Oregon
Ellingson, Dana07:03:38 pmDana is great and if you ever meet me in person, it is "Dannah", child care provider, CICC coach, trainer, Trainer Mentor, living in Anoka County but someday in Wadena Co, looking forward to in-person training (fingers crossed)
Elze, Karina07:03:46 pmKarina, Child Care Center Owner, Hennepin, Visiting Colombia as soon as Covid is over.
Heying, Kristy07:04:01 pmKristy, Community Health Coordinator at Sherburne County, Live in Stearns County, Being able to visit with all my family members
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:04:06 pmRamona-Hudson, WI. Work for RTC. Hugging my mom!
Cunningham, Cynthia07:04:21 pmCyndi (not Cynthia, unless I'm in trouble), Family Child Care Provider, Trainer, Public Policy Chairperson for state association MCCPIN looking forward to coffee with friends
Dahir, Fowsiya07:04:22 pmFowsiya, 281 District, Master trainer, mentor
Lo Oliver, Oth07:04:36 pm This is Oth (Oy) I am a professional development coordinator but wear many hats. I live and work in Hennepin county. 2021 peace for our country and for all of us
Esslinger, Clarice07:04:43 pmI'm Clarice (clar-us), teaching ESL to adults in Citizenship, Family Learning and English classes in Blue Earth County, hugging my students!
Ellingson, Dana07:05:25 pmWow, such knowledge and experience in here!
Hernandez, Jansel07:05:29 pmI'm Jansel, everyone calls me that. I am currently a career mentor for a Spanish immersion organization. I work and train Hispanic teachers. This 2021 I wish I could hug my family
Grant, Angela07:05:43 pmAngie, I work as the Coordinator, Parent Educator, Early Childhood Teacher, and Early Childhood Screening Coordinator in my local school district. I'm looking forward to a day when the political climate is peaceful and where people show decency to each other.
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:07:08 pmCoffee, travel, and hugs - I can get on board with all of those! Next, I just briefly wanted to check in about requirements for the course. *
Ellingson, Dana07:07:17 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:07:20 pm*
Elze, Karina07:07:24 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:07:25 pm*
Cunningham, Cynthia07:07:32 pm*
Grant, Angela07:07:41 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:07:40 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:07:51 pmMany of you are likely more familiar than I am with this structure, but just in case. Each week has a routine: post your own response to each discussion question, and comment on 3 other respondents for each of the two discussion questions. Then we have our Wednesday night chat, and a reflection due within 48 hours (by Friday evening). These can be posted directly to Eager to Learn under Assignments, or if it is easier email is fine too.
DeMars, Susan07:07:50 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:08:17 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:08:28 pmDoes anyone have any questions about the syllabus etc.?
Cunningham, Cynthia07:08:42 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:08:43 pm*
Grant, Angela07:08:55 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:09:01 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:08:52 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:09:25 pmnot here
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:09:30 pmOk please reach out anytime with questions, resources, feedback - there is a wealth of knowledge in this room and we hope to continue to improve and expand training opportunities and resources on farm to early care!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:09:38 pmOk, let’s get charted with our chat questions! *
Cunningham, Cynthia07:09:43 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:09:45 pm*
Grant, Angela07:09:48 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:09:47 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:09:48 pm*
Elze, Karina07:09:53 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:09:50 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:10:03 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:10:09 pmWhat is your experience with promoting healthy eating or farm to early care practices in the early childhood setting?
Ellingson, Dana07:10:20 pmCurrently working in our family childcare program, I have a chance to offer taste tests, herb gardens, micro-greens, straw-bale gardening, tower gardening in the winter, etc. We implement a garden-to-table curriculum supplement year-round. In coaching, I can support educators who want to implement farm to early care practices and as a trainer, I currently train on my own ‘Cooking and Gardening with Children’ course.
Heying, Kristy07:10:22 pmAs a part of working with the SHIP grant in the child care setting, I have been providing the LANA training to child care providers for the past 10 years. LANA (Learning About Nutrition Through Activities), is a comprehensive preschool nutrition program and curriculum promoting fruit and vegetable consumption in a fun, exciting environment. I have worked with child care providers in implementing policies and practices that support healthy eating. Also, I have been providing nutrition education to families for many years in the WIC Program.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:10:54 pmGardening with the children is important to encourage healthy eating habits, when children take part with planting and seeing how foods are grown and make it into a meal they are more lately to try or eat the foods.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:10:56 pmGardening, visiting farmers markets, focus on fresh foods, meal prep with the kids (Raddish). I teach "respectful refusal" at the table
Grant, Angela07:11:32 pmAs an Early Childhood Teacher, I have taught curriculum related to gardening, healthy eating, and basically, "all about growing foods." I have a friend who is an organic farmer and she has donated a variety of items to the classroom.
Elze, Karina07:11:49 pmI have been growing tomatoes and peppers in our garden at the preschool, and we have been involving the children in the whole process. Also, we visit farmers markets.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:11:51 pmCynthia. I love going to the famers market, it reminds me of home back in Laos.
DeMars, Susan07:11:41 pmDeveloped a garden curriculum-Four Square for Childcare-worked with local CSAs in finding ways childcare providers can access their products-Have promoted POP clubs at Farmers Markets
Esslinger, Clarice07:12:13 pmI work primarily with the parents that are in our 50 spot learning center. All of the parents are coming to classes to improve their English and navigate systems here in their new community. I have collaborated with the U of M extension to teach my Plate, various nutrition lessons and invovling kids in making food. We then bring some of these lessons to circle time with the kids.
Dahir, Fowsiya07:12:25 pmI think is a great idea for promoting healthy eating precisely the veggies as little ones do not like eating it especially when older are not eating children do not get the opportunity to learn from older people. To promote I used to visit farm markets regularly.
Hernandez, Jansel07:12:41 pmI am currently a servsafe coach and I also promote healthy initiative with families from our 100% organic food program
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:13:25 pmWow, sounds like we have a wealth of experience to draw from in this group! Let’s move on to our next question. *
Ellingson, Dana07:13:27 pm*
Cunningham, Cynthia07:13:32 pmjansel what's a servsafe coach?
Heying, Kristy07:13:32 pm*
Grant, Angela07:13:34 pmClarice, do you mind explaining what my Plate is?
Cunningham, Cynthia07:13:35 pm*
Grant, Angela07:13:44 pm*
Elze, Karina07:13:49 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:13:39 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:14:00 pmWhat are some incentives for providers to use Farm to Early Care as a tool to create a healthy eating environment in their setting?
Dahir, Fowsiya07:13:59 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:14:05 pmOne incentive, other than general encouragement and increase in consumption of healthy foods, is a benefit to childcare programs, “Section 243 of the HHFKA established a Farm to School Program at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to increase the availability of local foods in schools and institutions. FNS continues to provide grants and technical assistance to implement Farm to School programs that improve access to local foods in the Child Nutrition Programs, including CACFP” (USDA, 2015, p. 1).
Lo Oliver, Oth07:14:08 pmI use to teach food class to high school students and partner with U of M extension program to provide nutrition class for parents that I work with
Esslinger, Clarice07:14:09 pmWe do a lot of discussion around culture and food differences here versus in their home country. We also address a lot of fears around preservatives and also the generation gap with children sometimes not wanting the food the parents are cooking and instead wanting "American" food.
Ellingson, Dana07:14:21 pmFrom the curriculum, programs can “Improved food service staff motivation and morale (happier provider), Increased knowledge and interest in local food preparation, seasonal recipes, strengthened relationships between food service staff and teachers, positive changes in teacher’s diets, lifestyles, and attitudes about integrating farm to school related information into curriculum”
Lo Oliver, Oth07:14:30 pmI think the overall incentive for providers is that they too are learning about foods and nutrition, encourage them to be reflective about their own diets and what they have been serving to the children. It will encourage them to be more intentional with grocery buying, reading food labels and make inform choice about types of foods they are serving to the children, doing food experience activities with the children
Lo Oliver, Oth07:15:33 pmClarice, I think it's important to include cultures
DeMars, Susan07:15:21 pmChildren willing to try new foods if they are given the chance to explore them first. Healthier kids at childcare. new hands on learning experiences for children and staff. Another way to intergrate fruits and vegtables into the whole curriculumm
Esslinger, Clarice07:15:55 pmthanks Dana, I wasn't aware of that! Overall, it seems kids are happier when they are more in touch with their food and enjoying healthy food.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:15:55 pmIncentive is about food cost, reduced waste, curriculum development options, out doors activities...there are some $$'s out there but rarely for LFCC's
Dahir, Fowsiya07:15:55 pmEngaging families and children to farmers and providing relevant activities for awareness of health nutrition.
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:16:03 pmMany parents seeking caregivers for their children are excited about farm to early care
Heying, Kristy07:16:08 pmChildren tend to have an increase in preference for fruits and vegetables after being exposed to a variety. Serving local foods and offering related hands-on activities can increase children’s willingness to try new foods. Supporting local farmers and strengthening communities economically.
Grant, Angela07:16:11 pmlearning and experiencing together. embedding nutrition in everyday life
Woolsey, Carrie07:16:37 pmI am finally able to type. First time using the new format. I am a child care provider and a coach. I use farm to early care every summer!
Elze, Karina07:16:50 pmIt is good for everyone one, for our health, and for the planet. I also think the fun of leading those activities outside when it is possible.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:17:05 pmIt's a great idea to engage children and families but I think it start with the teachers that have direct contact with children and families
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:17:35 pmHooray Carrie so glad. Some great ideas here, about internal motivation, cultural relevance, healthy kids and communities. Let's move on to our next question *
Heying, Kristy07:17:34 pmSomething new for the daycare provider and children. Opportunity to teach kids and families alike about healthy eating. Opportunity to make a difference and have a lasting impact in the lives of your families and in the community. Would like to learn more about healthy eating, gardening, etc. for themselves and their own families.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:17:35 pmHi Carrie!
Ellingson, Dana07:17:40 pm*
Grant, Angela07:17:52 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:17:54 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:17:55 pm*
Elze, Karina07:18:00 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:17:48 pm*
Hernandez, Jansel07:18:07 pmI believe in involving parents in the processes of creating a healthy eating culture. Also promoting experiences for children to see and produce these foods
Hernandez, Jansel07:18:12 pm*
Cunningham, Cynthia07:18:16 pmI
Cunningham, Cynthia07:18:27 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:18:29 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:19:06 pmWhat barriers might early care providers face in providing healthy meals and snacks to the children in their program?
Ellingson, Dana07:19:20 pmRange of business income to dedicate to fresh foods (often more expensive than “allowable” foods for CACFP or licensing. Access to transportation to farmers markets or markets in general. Access in the current condition of COVID is something to consider.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:19:27 pmSome providers are set in their own way, some barriers might be the financial aspect of it, the lack of time to true cook a healthy meal for the children, the preparation that are involved with meal planning and lack of help with the children.
Heying, Kristy07:19:34 pmCost factor and purchasing items for planting a garden, books or other materials for activities. Ages and number of children in their childcare. What age groups of kids they have. Maybe they don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables—their own eating behaviors and attitudes. Not knowing how to prepare/cook some fruits/vegetables, especially those less common. What is peak season for fruits/vegetables.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:19:45 pmTime, skill for scratch cooking, resistance by children and then giving up
Esslinger, Clarice07:19:46 pmSometimes it might appear that the cost is much higher. I see that everyone has already mentioned this!
Grant, Angela07:19:54 pmcost, knowledge of how to prepare, time
Dahir, Fowsiya07:19:55 pmLack of awareness and some cultural beliefs can be an obstacle too
Woolsey, Carrie07:20:07 pmI know some barriers might be its just easier to do it myself as a provider. The videos seemed to be centers and had a cook.
Elze, Karina07:20:14 pmThe prices and Minnesota weather.
Ellingson, Dana07:20:18 pmGetting through the day can feel like the battle at times when working in child care so to plan and invest time can be overhwleming
Elze, Karina07:20:26 pmI think most the cost.
DeMars, Susan07:20:25 pmTime-It takes extra time to shop at farmers market and to prepare food from scratch. Money-Generally speaking farmers markets are more expensice, as are csas. In addition, CSAs are not predictalbe. Acess. Lack of staff to develop, maintain , gardens.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:20:38 pmAlso is our own belief and values about food we eat
Esslinger, Clarice07:20:48 pmalso the convenience when energy is limited
Woolsey, Carrie07:20:53 pmA child care providers set up, maybe not a kitchen right in the curriculum area
Lo Oliver, Oth07:21:24 pmdrdream
Hernandez, Jansel07:21:28 pmCultural diversity could be a challenge, as well as access to good food related to costs
Woolsey, Carrie07:21:28 pmAlso, i think about my 6 year old who is a germ-o-phob now bc of covid.....i also worry too
Ellingson, Dana07:21:35 pmoh my, now we have to generate ways to overcome all of these people! lol 😉
Elze, Karina07:22:00 pmI agree with Carrie that most videos seemed to be centers that had a cook.
Woolsey, Carrie07:22:02 pmThe field trips were a great idea, but transporting all the children is a barrier
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:22:25 pmTime and money! Certainly challenges, and Dana thanks for leading us right in!! And this is a great point about highlighting home early cares more - something to change for the future.
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:22:42 pmLooks like quite a list here. I am grateful for the providers who care for our children, and are willing to expand and take on more challenges when they see the benefit.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:22:44 pmI agree field trip is a great idea however, transportation might be a challenge for providers
Grant, Angela07:23:09 pmhabits, doing what you have always done and what children like and will eat
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:23:41 pmI think you all have highlighted so many of the key things I usually think about, and some I hadn't. Let's move on to problem solving. *
Cunningham, Cynthia07:23:49 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:23:47 pm*
Grant, Angela07:23:52 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:23:52 pm*
Hernandez, Jansel07:23:53 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:23:53 pm*
Woolsey, Carrie07:23:58 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:24:02 pmIf we introduce food to children and encourage to try it at least 8 different times then they will more likely to eat it
Elze, Karina07:24:05 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:23:54 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:24:07 pm*
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:24:14 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:24:35 pmHow can we assist early care providers to overcome these barriers?
Heying, Kristy07:24:57 pmEducation – What does a healthy eating environment look like, normal eating behaviors for kids, recipes, how to cook/prepare items. I know there are many things I have never tried because I never learned how. Let them know about Farm to Early Care training and other trainings like LANA and other curriculums like “Grow It, Try It, Like It” from Team Nutrition. Providing information on resources/webinars/newsletters, etc Encourage them to check into the SHIP grant in their counties Working with child care licensing/Child Care Resource and Referral/CACFP—finding out other grant opportunities.
Lo Oliver, Oth07:25:01 pmI think it’s a baby step, have a conversation with them about their beliefs and values in regards to food and nutrition, learn about their lifestyles then coach them through learning and implementing Farm to Early Care activities with the children.
Ellingson, Dana07:25:13 pmHelp providers see modifications to the barrier, for example if they are concerned over germs when chidlren prepare, offer ideas to decrease the chances of sharing germs (individual items, working on handwashing and germ barrier uses)
Woolsey, Carrie07:25:19 pmI think one of you worked for the extension program.......didn't you do some modeling/coaching of parents, providers might need this
Dahir, Fowsiya07:25:20 pmSupporting childcare service staff's knowledge, skills, or attitudes regarding implementing policies, practices, or programs that promote healthy child eating or physical activity
Cunningham, Cynthia07:25:57 pmgardening resources, starting simple, simple cooking ideas, assisting in identifying cost savings with fresh foods (it is often less), mentoring through
Woolsey, Carrie07:26:29 pmI was thinking about food waste (as kids may not eat it) but they can be reimbursed with the food program
Grant, Angela07:26:33 pmI agree that it will take baby steps. Start with one thing, then add another....grow berries in pots on the porch, plants cherry tomatoes in a pail
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:26:44 pmI agree Oth, even small changes can make an impact. Starting small can get the ball rolling and not seem so overwhelming to a provider.
Esslinger, Clarice07:26:44 pmI think it's really important to tap into the parent/families strengths - most of the parents in our family classes have already been doing some good things at home - like introducing vegetables into smoothies or cooking lots of vegetables. When we do weekly cooking I try to have the parents share their own recipes and get ingredients for them to make them for everyone. This also builds confidence in them to keep encouraging their children to eat the healthy foods that they make from their own ethnic background.
Ellingson, Dana07:27:04 pmCarrie, and the 'wood waste' becomes usage in the garden compost 🙂
Heying, Kristy07:27:09 pmI think starting simple is really important and maybe not so overwhelming
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:27:17 pmParents involvement is great!
Hernandez, Jansel07:27:28 pmI believe that by giving resources to make their food program more efficient, make community links where there are presentations to families and to the owners of the benefits of healthy food
Grant, Angela07:27:48 pmClarice, I like the idea of parents sharing recipes
Cunningham, Cynthia07:27:48 pmCarrie, combing meal serving with family service eliminates a ton of waste
Lo Oliver, Oth07:27:54 pmRight now our program is doing cooking experience with parents using ZOOM
Ellingson, Dana07:28:14 pmIf providers are using a boxed curriculum, they may start to see that the work they can do with food and gardening, talking about foods, working with foods, etc... can BE THE CURRICULUM (with focusing on meeting ecip areas), the cost of the box can be used for fresh foods 🙂
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:28:22 pmOth, that sounds like a fun idea...zoom cooking!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:28:28 pmI love the phrase 'baby steps' in this context, I think it is so true. Oth, I would love to hear more about your cooking experience on zoom!
DeMars, Susan07:28:39 pmUtilize our county child care licensor to provide information about grants or other opportunities related to Farm to childcare. Grant money-make it availble to home-based childcare. Almost always it is availabel to centers. Hands on Age appropriate curriculum related to plants, veggies, gardening and food. Help providers partner with a CSA in their area . Help providers navigate the paperwork neededf to pay for a CSA /work with CACFP.
Woolsey, Carrie07:28:56 pmYep, i was thinking about a compost, but tried it last year. It was a lot of walking to my back yard, and invited animals. Maybe a cheap and easy way to compost
Lo Oliver, Oth07:29:13 pmTeaching parents how to make meals that's healthy. The program provides grocery for parents and show them how to use the food items
Woolsey, Carrie07:29:36 pmSusan, what is a CSA again?
Dahir, Fowsiya07:29:50 pmVirtual farm field trips could be work too
Cunningham, Cynthia07:29:54 pmsusan, the licsnor has info?! I have been using grants through Parent Aware to get indoor growing supplies, hence the micro greens this winter
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:30:04 pmCarrie, good point - composting might not be a baby step but a bigger step, good thing to strive for!
Ellingson, Dana07:30:20 pmUs too Cyndi, we use it for our garden prjects and for a tower garden last year.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:30:33 pmCArrie, I've gardened forever and have never succeded at composting
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:31:04 pmFowsiya, good point - Sue highlighted the 'virtual farm field trips' from Ag in the Classroom, and I linked a few shorter farmer highlights in our resource handout that our agency put together. I like the virtual option when in-person isn't feasible, for COVID or just transportation challenges.
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:31:09 pmMaster gardeners may available to assist with guidance on setting up gardens for childcare. They have a wealth of knowledge about gardens, composting, etc.
Woolsey, Carrie07:31:09 pmyep, when i lived in the city they had a compost program and it was easy, but now in the country
Cunningham, Cynthia07:31:30 pmCarrie....know anyone in town yet?! lol
Cunningham, Cynthia07:31:42 pmMaster gardeners are a great resource
Esslinger, Clarice07:32:00 pmmy composting works fine and its simple but I live rurally and most of my parents live in apartments. We recently got the go ahead to start a community garden at our adult/preschool learning center. Anyone know of assistance for that or grants?
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:32:32 pmYou can find mater gardeners for each county/region at the University of Minnesota Extension Website.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:32:51 pmClarice there are some but I would lean on your county/city
Hernandez, Jansel07:32:55 pmI like idea or clarice
Woolsey, Carrie07:32:59 pmyes, grants would definately help. I partner with head start, so get an auto rating for Par Aware the downside is i dont get the grants
Ellingson, Dana07:33:29 pmbummer Carrie...but yeah for Head Start
Cunningham, Cynthia07:33:36 pmCarrie....let's talk off line, I'm the PP for the state association and we've been working on that issue
Grant, Angela07:33:39 pmsometimes Master Gardeners have access to grant money
Esslinger, Clarice07:33:52 pmThose are great ideas, thanks all!
DeMars, Susan07:33:50 pmWalmart has a community grant, but it must be used in the community where the store is located.
Woolsey, Carrie07:34:03 pmthanks cynthia
Elze, Karina07:34:12 pmThanks Angela. I am going to check that.
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:34:35 pmMaster gardeners can also refer to grant money. We have received walmart money in the past to set up preschool gardens.
Ellingson, Dana07:34:52 pmI would like more info on the walmart grants
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:35:32 pmWe are trying to expand our Farm to Early Care state network, and hopefully make it more robust and structured for resource sharing. You all are really highlighting the wealth of resources to be shared!
Elze, Karina07:36:11 pm😃 me too! on the Walmart grants 🙋🏻‍♀️
Esslinger, Clarice07:36:18 pmWalmart? For preschool gardens - this class is already totally worth it!
Lo Oliver, Oth07:36:20 pmYes, great resources. I will check out Walmart.
DeMars, Susan07:36:12 pmGo to the walmart web page or send me an email and will send the link-next week.
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:36:36 pmSusan, Do you have a recent link to Walmart grant?
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:37:11 pmWow, a lot of great ideas and experiences shared here tonight. I will send a follow-up email as well - if people are comfortable, I would love to start a group email so you all would be able to connect with one another directly as well.
Woolsey, Carrie07:37:33 pmsure
Lo Oliver, Oth07:37:40 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:37:38 pmyes
Grant, Angela07:37:42 pmyes
Elze, Karina07:37:43 pmThanks
Esslinger, Clarice07:37:47 pmI would love a list of the resources as well as the group eamil
Dahir, Fowsiya07:37:47 pmYes!
Cunningham, Cynthia07:37:59 pm*walmart grant closed Dec 31, 2020 (yea google)
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:38:05 pmSometimes seed companies have grants. Also, look to
Heying, Kristy07:38:03 pmyes
Hernandez, Jansel07:38:13 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:38:13 pmUnited Way in your community might be another resource.
Cunningham, Cynthia07:38:39 pm*
DeMars, Susan07:38:44 pm*
{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:39:01 pm*
Lo Oliver, Oth07:39:01 pm*
Ellingson, Dana07:39:00 pm*
Heying, Kristy07:39:05 pm*
Grant, Angela07:39:08 pm*
Dahir, Fowsiya07:39:10 pm*
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:39:13 pm So many great ideas shared already. I am amazed by how much connection we can make with just this chat function - thanks for all your time, engagement, and thoughtful responses tonight!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:39:47 pmThat's all for tonight, and just a reminder that Reminder that your first reflection is due by Friday at 7 pm, answering the question: How will you stay current on new resources and best practices for incorporating Farm to Early Care activities into early childhood programs?
Ellingson, Dana07:39:46 pmThank you
Cunningham, Cynthia07:39:54 pmQuestion: the first slides refer to a trip to the farmers does that work, who provides transport and where is the libaility
Elze, Karina07:40:00 pmThank you! Bye 👩🏻‍🌾
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{Robinson-O'Brien, Ramona}07:41:04 pmSo happy to "meet" you all via chat function tonight!
Dahir, Fowsiya07:41:03 pmThank you! Good night, All!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:42:10 pmCyndi great question, for which I am afraid I don't have a great answer right now. We also need to clarify/expand this language in the training for when a farmer's market trip isn't feasible - let's connect offline!
{Shields-Cutler, Nora}07:42:29 pmGoodnight everyone and thanks again!
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