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{Oveson, Tammy}06:54:27 pmHi everyone! How are you on this beautiful (here anyway) evening?
Ogdahl, Tonya06:54:36 pmHello!
{Oveson, Tammy}06:55:10 pmTonya did you guys get some rain this afternoon?
Hermann, Rebecca06:56:10 pmGood Evening!
Ogdahl, Tonya06:56:12 pmNo! It was sunny and beautiful!
Walker, Joni06:56:23 pmHello
Ogdahl, Tonya06:56:37 pmTammy did you?
{Oveson, Tammy}06:56:41 pmi'm jealous Tonya. We got some showers this afternoon. No enough to make me bring the kids inside though
{Oveson, Tammy}06:56:56 pmHi Joni and and Rebecca!
{Oveson, Tammy}06:58:06 pmman I'm just full of the typos already tonight lol
{Oveson, Tammy}07:00:34 pmWe are still missing Sheila and Veronica, so we'll hold off on starting for a couple more minutes
{Oveson, Tammy}07:00:44 pmhi Veronica!
Krell, Veronica07:00:46 pmHello! It is beautiful here as well!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:02:41 pmLet's get started *
Hermann, Rebecca07:02:48 pm*
Ogdahl, Tonya07:02:50 pm*
Walker, Joni07:03:01 pm*
Krell, Veronica07:03:04 pm*
Burfield, Sheila07:03:26 pmI'm here, for some reason my chat is always late to go live.
Burfield, Sheila07:03:28 pm*
{Oveson, Tammy}07:03:37 pmAMAZING job on the discussion board this week! I appreciate how hard you all worked!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:03:47 pmi'm glad you made it Sheila!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:04:00 pmAny questions before we get started?
Hermann, Rebecca07:04:09 pmNone here.
Krell, Veronica07:04:09 pmNone for me
Ogdahl, Tonya07:04:10 pmnope!
Walker, Joni07:04:16 pmNone here either
Burfield, Sheila07:04:22 pmThanks! No questions:)
{Oveson, Tammy}07:05:23 pmRemember please try to answer each question in the chat. Just do your best.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:05:28 pm● What does Family Systems Theory mean to you?
Krell, Veronica07:06:08 pmIt means learning about the lives and cultures of each of the children in my class.
Hermann, Rebecca07:06:17 pmLooking at a child from a family standpoint and how they fit in that family.
Walker, Joni07:06:19 pmA person within a family or community and how they co tribute to a family and the pattens in that family
Ogdahl, Tonya07:06:25 pmThe dynamics of what a family is made up of
Krell, Veronica07:06:32 pmTo understand my children helps me teach them.
Burfield, Sheila07:06:32 pmUnderstanding and interacting with children in the context of their families, that their family community is paramount to how a child behaves, thinks, and learns
{Oveson, Tammy}07:06:44 pmPerfect! How will this theory have significance in your work? How do you hope to use this information?
Burfield, Sheila07:07:33 pmWe will consider the many different family factors when we are interacting with children, planning learning activities for them, assessing them, etc.
Krell, Veronica07:07:35 pmI am going to slow down and really dig in and get to know the families.
Hermann, Rebecca07:07:37 pmWe want to understand each child and help them to succeed. We want to know the circumstances to which they live.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:07:56 pmYou are able to help child through many processes if you know what and or how there family functions
{Oveson, Tammy}07:08:03 pmI love that Sheila! That's the best way to know that you're truly meeting each child's needs
Walker, Joni07:08:13 pmIt is important to find out how the family functions, whether the child is an only child, where the are in the birth order and that will depend on how much support the child needs.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:08:33 pmVeronica slowing down can be so hard but what a wonderful gift to the children, their families, and you
{Oveson, Tammy}07:08:56 pmRight, Rebecca, and understanding their families is the very best way to accomplish that
{Oveson, Tammy}07:09:32 pmTonya yes! We will understand the child much more deeply when we consider their families
{Oveson, Tammy}07:09:54 pmThose are great points Joni! It's important to know all of that
{Oveson, Tammy}07:10:25 pmWe all know we can teach and care for children without all this understanding of their famlies, but it will never be as powerful or effective
{Oveson, Tammy}07:10:34 pm● What do we mean by “family” in family systems theory?
Krell, Veronica07:11:24 pmIt is all of their family extended or immediate.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:11:28 pmindividuals that are connected with the family
Burfield, Sheila07:11:30 pmfamilly will consist of at least one pair of child/adult, and there may be many other members, such as additional parents, siblings, possibly grandparents, cousins, etc that are included
Walker, Joni07:11:39 pmThis can be the immediate family, Or extended
Hermann, Rebecca07:11:46 pmA household in which one cares for one another. Parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:12:28 pmYes! the definition of "family" is much broader than we might traditionally think of it
Ogdahl, Tonya07:12:33 pmDoesn't have to be blood relative can be any individual that makes a connection in the house hold.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:12:43 pmExactly Tonya! Great point!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:12:50 pm● Explain this statement: To understand an individual, you must understand the family system of that individual.
Burfield, Sheila07:13:41 pmtaking into consideration all of the contributions family members make to the individual, influences, relationships, etc.
Walker, Joni07:14:11 pmThis makes us more aware of how and why a child behaves the way they do. And what the child may need for support.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:14:15 pmit his difficult to understand an individual without knowing all of the components of the family.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:14:18 pmYes Sheila!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:14:43 pmJoni exactly! There could be many things going on that we don't know about
{Oveson, Tammy}07:14:51 pmDefinitely Tonya
Hermann, Rebecca07:15:15 pmWe want to understand how their family works and how they fit in it.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:15:26 pm● Discuss “A family is greater than the sum of its part”. What does this mean to you?
Krell, Veronica07:15:33 pmI was kicked out for a bit. Sorry!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:15:41 pmRebecca yes that's so important
{Oveson, Tammy}07:15:51 pmNo worries Veronica! I'm glad you're back
Walker, Joni07:16:50 pmThere are many definitions of what a family is - it could be work family, immediate family, friends families, etc.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:17:05 pmGood points, Joni!
Hermann, Rebecca07:17:09 pmA family is stronger together. Each member has their part to play.
Burfield, Sheila07:17:18 pmAll the family members contribute to the family to make it whole
{Oveson, Tammy}07:17:25 pmSo true Rebecca
Ogdahl, Tonya07:17:33 pmFamily is the most important offering stability in so many different areras
{Oveson, Tammy}07:17:45 pmIt sure is Tonya
Burfield, Sheila07:17:58 pmI think without a member of the family things begin to fall apart, at least until the family figures out a new way to function
Krell, Veronica07:18:06 pmEverybody working together towards one goal. I am struggling with this one I guess
Burfield, Sheila07:18:31 pmadding to my last comment: Or when a member of the family cannot contribute
{Oveson, Tammy}07:18:44 pmEach member of the family contributes to the family unit and the family unit is stronger because of each member, agreed?
Ogdahl, Tonya07:18:57 pmYes!
Krell, Veronica07:18:58 pmAgreed!
Burfield, Sheila07:19:02 pmExactly!
Walker, Joni07:19:08 pmYes!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:19:30 pmSheila that's a great point! Like when a family member passes away, the family has to learn a new way to function well
{Oveson, Tammy}07:19:50 pm● Why are family rules important to a family system?
Burfield, Sheila07:19:59 pmI was also thinking of a time when a family member is injured, or goes down a wrong path
{Oveson, Tammy}07:20:15 pmAbsolutely Sheila
Krell, Veronica07:20:33 pmBecause without rules there is chaos, and no one can function fully in a chaotic environment.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:20:36 pmbecause their contribution to the family unit is changed
{Oveson, Tammy}07:20:57 pmSo true Veronica! I'm not a fan of chaos
Ogdahl, Tonya07:20:57 pmThey create boundaries. It gives each member duties/contributions to the daily routines
Walker, Joni07:21:08 pmSo we know what to expect, how to behave and to be respectful of others.
Krell, Veronica07:21:17 pmMe neither lol
Burfield, Sheila07:21:17 pmFamily rules create an atmosphere of community and peace, members know what is expected of them to be contributing members, and how to treat each other fairly and with love
Hermann, Rebecca07:21:19 pmFamilies thrive when there is structure and consistency.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:21:19 pmTonya yes and that helps things run more smoothly for every member of the family
{Oveson, Tammy}07:21:34 pmAbsolutely Rebecca
{Oveson, Tammy}07:22:20 pmLet's spend a bit of time talking about our families or origin (the family you grew up in)...
{Oveson, Tammy}07:22:36 pmfamilies OF origin I meant
{Oveson, Tammy}07:22:39 pmWhat are some rules your family had? Why were they important to your family?
Ogdahl, Tonya07:22:39 pmok!
Burfield, Sheila07:24:24 pmHurting each other physically was not allowed, bad language was not allowed, we had curfews, and sometimes rules about which kids we could or couldn't hang out with, and we were expected to clean our plates at meal time
Ogdahl, Tonya07:24:38 pmMy dad was a very conservative person. We didn't hold the fridge open, leave the water running when we brushed our teeth ect....sometimes a little to far haha! If the sun is shining we left the window blinds up so the sun would help heat the house. My mom son the other hand was not. She cared more about making of the beds keeping rooms clean act..
Walker, Joni07:24:54 pmI have 4 brother and sisters. I am the youngest. We were expected to do well in school, do certain jobs, attend church. Be respectful to all. Do our part in making the family function smoothly.
Burfield, Sheila07:25:04 pmOur rules kept us respectful of each other and kept us safe
Burfield, Sheila07:25:22 pmTonya I had those rules too!
Krell, Veronica07:25:25 pmMy family is Norwegian/German. Super stubborn on both sides and grew up in a Catholic household. I am one of 11 (7th from the top :)) and we definitly had our roles to play and follow the rules. We had a chre list that needed to get completed every day with no fail. It was a strict but very loving household.
Hermann, Rebecca07:25:37 pmI grew up in a very structured, loving home. I knew what was expected of me and I followed the rules. My mother followed through when there were consequences. I was an only child that was raised by a wonderful mother.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:26:06 pmo In what ways have your family rules/family norms positively affected you?
Ogdahl, Tonya07:26:11 pmSheila I used to hate it when I wanted to watch tv and the glare would be right on the tv
Burfield, Sheila07:26:40 pmI hear ya Tonya! If I even got to watch TV....
Walker, Joni07:28:01 pmThe rules taught me to work hard, be respectful and keep going even when things get hard!
Ogdahl, Tonya07:28:09 pmIts funny...I never would have noticed when I was younger but I watch people now and see how much really is wasted. I like to be tidy which I feel Is important from my childhood. If she didn't make me make my bed or do dishes what kind of home maker would I be today? I don't know!
Krell, Veronica07:28:12 pmIt taught me to work hard, be reliable, and look at the bright side of things. My mom and dad always told us growing up that there was someone out there with way less than we had.
Hermann, Rebecca07:28:33 pmI believe that because of my structured home life, I can bring structure to the classroom. Be respectful and be that someone that my children can look to.
Burfield, Sheila07:28:34 pmWe learned what respect was, and thinking about others, not just ourselves, and to
Burfield, Sheila07:28:51 pmbe grateful for what we had
{Oveson, Tammy}07:29:17 pmo In what ways have your family rules/family norms influence how you relate to others?
Ogdahl, Tonya07:29:33 pmHowever I still to this day don't eat Brussel sprouts! ha!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:30:09 pmTonya HAHAHAHA
Walker, Joni07:30:34 pmWe were taught to be respectful, be grateful for what we have!
Krell, Veronica07:31:26 pmSometimes I think I expect a little too much out of the younger generation I work with. I certainly can relate to older individuals a lot better than 20 year olds.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:31:46 pmThat's a tough question....I feel like the way we were brought up is so different in todays society.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:32:00 pmI SO agree Tonya!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:32:11 pmSame here Veronica
Burfield, Sheila07:32:13 pmSome of the rules my parents had as I grew into a teenager prevented me from making friends, and I was a shy child to begin with. In my adulthood I have had to learn a lot of social emotional skills that many people learn as children.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:32:42 pmThat's a good point Sheila. I can see some of that in my own life too
Krell, Veronica07:32:51 pmI can relate Sheila
{Oveson, Tammy}07:32:59 pmo What factors have contributed to your family rules/family norms (e.g., family history, stressors)?
Burfield, Sheila07:34:09 pmI chose to discipline my children differently in some ways than my parents disciplined me and my brothers. But there are many things I have held onto, like the faith my parents instilled in me, and the importance of family.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:34:27 pmMy dad was a state patrol officer so I feel like I always had to make the right choices. If I didn't he would be disappointed. My mom was and still is very relaxed and calm.
Krell, Veronica07:34:39 pmI take better care of my health as I have seen what my uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, and my dad passed away from. They are pretty much because they did not take care of thir health
Burfield, Sheila07:35:11 pmTonya, my dad was a city cop, and I felt the same way. He caught me out later than I was supposed to be one night and I was soooo scared!
Ogdahl, Tonya07:35:16 pmI have tried to open lines of communication with my kids. making choices good or bad a life lessons to be learned.
Ogdahl, Tonya07:35:33 pmBoy Sheila we have a lot in common!
Walker, Joni07:35:42 pmMy father worked all the time and was not very emotional, so I have made sure that I am available to my children!
Krell, Veronica07:36:06 pmJoni, same here!
Burfield, Sheila07:36:13 pmYes Tonya we do. And VEronica our family also has adopted healthier lifestyles than our predecessors.
Burfield, Sheila07:37:20 pmTonya, also you mentioned trying to keep the lines of communication open with your children. That was a goal of mine as well, and still is. My kids are now in their 30s and it's still a challenge with one of them.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:37:25 pmFantastic discussion tonight, everyone! THANK YOU for being so open! This week's discussion board digs more into your family of origin.
Hermann, Rebecca07:37:33 pmBeing an only child of a single parent, I saw resilience, I saw faith, I saw perseverance, hard work, no matter what life brought at you.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:37:59 pmSheila my kids are also in their 30's and I work hard at that too. Being able to text so they can reply when it works for them helps me a lot
{Oveson, Tammy}07:38:34 pmAs you hopefully remember, we have a final assignment for this class that's due in Week 4 (in 2 weeks)...
Burfield, Sheila07:38:42 pmWe do that too Tammy! I'm trying to work on my converstaion skills with my son - that's a bit tougher.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:39:20 pmThe details of that assignment are under Week 4 in the syllabus. The 2 surveys you'll need are in the week 2 Readings and Resources section
{Oveson, Tammy}07:39:41 pmI strongly suggest that you start working on the surveys this week
Krell, Veronica07:39:57 pmWill do!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:40:03 pmSheila, my son is the same way. My 3 girls are way more chatty and open
Ogdahl, Tonya07:40:09 pmok! is this the survey that a parent fills out and we do to?
{Oveson, Tammy}07:40:51 pmTonya they can OR you can fill it out while thinking of a specific family and fill it out as if you were them
Ogdahl, Tonya07:41:09 pmAwe ok! thanks for clarification!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:41:16 pmYou're welcome!
Burfield, Sheila07:41:39 pmI was wondering that too. It might be helpful to have the family do it if they are willing.
{Oveson, Tammy}07:41:56 pmRemember to do your initial posts on the discussion board for week 3 by Friday night and your 3 replies to other students by Sunday night
{Oveson, Tammy}07:42:16 pmYes Sheila I agree. If you're able to actually have them do it, that's a great idea
Walker, Joni07:42:24 pmThanks for the reminder! 🙂
{Oveson, Tammy}07:42:33 pmyou're welcome Joni!
Krell, Veronica07:42:35 pmFor sure!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:42:37 pmANy other questions?
Burfield, Sheila07:42:45 pmThank you Tammy.
Hermann, Rebecca07:42:48 pmSounds good to me!
Ogdahl, Tonya07:42:59 pmThank you Tammy!
Krell, Veronica07:43:02 pmThank you!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:43:42 pmYou're very welcome! Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your week everyone!
Ogdahl, Tonya07:43:53 pmYou too Tammy!
Krell, Veronica07:43:58 pmYou as well!
Walker, Joni07:44:03 pmYou too!
Hermann, Rebecca07:44:07 pmHave a great week!
Burfield, Sheila07:44:10 pmyou too! Good night everyone!
{Oveson, Tammy}07:44:40 pmThank you! 🙂