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Child Care Aware of Minnesota partner agencies support the professional growth of child care providers and programs. Many local services are delivered by an agency in each Region, and some services are coordinated across multiple regions by one agency in each District.

Find your appropriate District and contact information below. You can also call our statewide hotline at 888.291.9811.

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Coordinating Office Contacts

Executive Director
Ann McCully
651.290.9704 ext. 115

Associate Director
Karen Fogolin
651.290.9704 ext. 110


Professional Development & Eager-to-Learn Director
Cory Woosley

Eager-to-Learn Program Specialist
Mara Ackerman
651.290.9704 ext. 105

Trainer & RBPD Support Specialist
Matt Evans
651.290.9704 ext. 111

Anytime Learning Associate
Grace Kintzinger

Eager-to-Learn Program Administrator
Tara Woznicki

Professional Development Systems Coordinator
Kateri Skunes

Eager-to-Learn Program Coordinator
Brian Wray
651.290.9704 ext. 109

Trainer & RBPD Outreach Coordinator
Elsa Carlson
651.290.9704 ext. 111

Workforce Advising Coordinator
Kylie Cooper
651.290.9704 ext. 118


Financial Supports Director 
Valerie Peterson
651.290.9704 ext. 107

Grants and Scholarships Specialist
Nghia Lee Vang
651.290.9704 ext. 106

Grants and Scholarships Coordinator
Erin Young
651.290.9704 ext. 200

T.E.A.C.H. Program Accountant
Denise Kilgore
651.290.9704 ext. 102


Quality Improvement Manager
Katie Hoffman
651.290.9704 ext. 108

Rating Team Manager
Katherine Norton

Quality Improvement Specialist
Melissa Slapnicher
651.290.9704 ext. 103

Parent Aware Rater
Rhonda Donnay-Rice

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Nikki Lepowsky
651.290.9704 ext. 116


Parent Services Specialist
Jen Goinz
651-290-9704 ext. 120

Data Programs Manager
Angie Bowman

Digital Programs and Web Developer
Anna Mahan-Miller
651-290-9704 ext. 121

Parent Services Specialist
AnnaMarie Schluender
651-290-9704 ext. 260

Communications Director
Diane Benjamin
651-290-9704 ext. 112

Accounting Associate/Professional Development Assistant 
Julie Wasiluk
651-290-9704 ext. 100

Parent Services Specialist
Debra Spaeth
651-290-9704 ext. 266

Communications Associate
Courtney Bokovoy
651-290-9704 ext. 119