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    Deb Colling

    SUID FG page 9: Is there a more complete explanation of the difference between SIDS and unknown cause? Unexplained (SIDS) and unknown are quite similar. The latter seems not to be explicitly covered in the FG.

    SUID FG page 13: One statement requires the license holder to use a form approved by the commissioner. A few sentences later, it states that the form may be used OR a note from the parent is sufficient. The form is not a licensing requirement. Please explain the disparity.

    SUID FG page 14: Nothing may be used to soften the mattress surface. OK, but is a mattress pad permitted? A mattress pad meaning something placed under the sheet and securely to the mattress to protect the mattress from urine, feces, spit-up, etc.

    SUID FG page 22: There is no fine for centers that violate safe sleep regulations? It’s not mentioned.

    Wondering if we are to still use the old PPT along with the new FG?

    Is there an updated PG to accompany the updated FG? I don’t see it here; see neither on MNCPD for participant download.

    Thanks much.

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